Частые вопросы и ответы туристов в Грузии

  1. What not to do in Georgia in order not to be disappointed in the trip?

  2. What should tourists and travelers not do in Georgia?

  3. Georgia will not disappoint you - what not to do on a trip to Georgia

  4. Why are waiters so slow in Georgia? And... let the whole world wait

  5. The laws in Georgia are observed, they do not take bribes

  6. Get ready to visit, and don't forget to have lunch at home

  7. What not to do in Georgia so as not to be disappointed in the journey

  8. About adventures in 40 degrees of heat, is it necessary?

  9. Russian language in Georgia - what not to do in order not to be disappointed in the journey

  10. What a tourist should not do in Georgia - conversations about politics

  11. What should a girl not do in Georgia in order not to be disappointed in Georgian men

  12. "Unrecommended for tourists" in Georgia - unwritten rules

  13. Where are notaries open in the city of Tbilisi?

  14. Tell me the law firms in Georgia that perform business support.

  15. The Law on the Silence of Neighbors in Georgia

  16. All about residence permit and citizenship: answers to questions

  17. How to get a residence permit and settle in Georgia?

  18. When you issue Russian citizenship to a child at the consulate. How much to pay in the end?

  19. What will happen on the Georgian language proficiency exam?

  20. Where can I find a commercial lawyer in Georgia?

  21. What are the rules for crossing the border to Georgia?

  22. 3 Ways to Easily Obtain Georgian Citizenship

  23. What you need to know when buying a second home in Tbilisi: nuances of registration, legal support

  24. Legal advice in Georgia: opening an individual entrepreneur, legal support.

  25. Transportation of the painting across the border: necessary documents, deadlines for processing documents.

  26. Residence permit in Georgia: what are the advantages?

  27. Taxation in Georgia: submit zero reporting on the Georgian sole proprietor.

  28. Free legal advice in Georgia: free consultation of non-residents of Georgia on deportation and travel ban

  29. Legal services in Tbilisi: make a power of attorney in electronic form, a notarized power of attorney in electronic form.

  30. Advise an experienced guide who could show all the beauty of Svaneti

  31. What kind of trips are there in Georgia for entertainment and learning new things!

  32. Where to drive from Tbilisi for half a day?

  33. I'm going to Mestia - who will tell me where and with whom to go?

  34. There is also a summer season in Gudauri.

  35. The second electric scooter carsharing has already appeared in Tbilisi this year

  36. AIR BALLOON TBILISI appeared in Tbilisi

  37. What is interesting about the resort of Kutaisi?

  38. At what time of the year is it most comfortable to go to Svaneti?

  39. Is Georgia of tourist interest?

  40. How are things in Georgia with fishing?

  41. What kind of sulfur baths do you know in Tbilisi? And which of them are the best?

  42. What are the interesting activities in Bakuriani in summer?

  43. What mountain places in Georgia should I pay special attention to?

  44. Is any negative possible during your vacation in Georgia?

  45. What are the best nightclubs in Batumi?

  46. What excursions should you definitely go on from Kutaisi?

  47. How relevant is a vacation in Kobuleti now?

  48. Who can find the best Russian-speaking driver-guide? Or excursions in general?

  49. Need a guide in Tbilisi, a local woman, where to turn?

  50. Capital, Georgian Internet cafe, where to look in Tbilisi?

  51. How to get to Georgia and what documents do tourists need to visit the country?

  52. When is it better to come to Georgia for the New Year holidays

  53. One-day tour to Armenia from Tbilisi, on the way to visit Akhtala, Akhpat, Sanahin - looking for a car with a driver.

  54. Aqueduct in the vicinity of Batumi

  55. Walk on the arch bridge near the village of Dandolo

  56. Have you heard about the Otolta Fortress? No? Then we will tell you!

  57. The green lake will enchant, just look at it!

  58. One of the wonderful moments of life in Georgia. Botanical Garden in spring.

  59. Ah, respond and I will hear…

  60. About the wallet, Batumi 2023

  61. What tours to go on in Borjomi?

  62. What are the most interesting places in Georgia?

  63. What is the best way to get around in Tbilisi?

  64. When will the Tbilisi Jazz Festival be held in Tbilisi?

  65. Can you suggest a professional, Russian-speaking male tour guide with a car?

  66. What are the best places to fish with a friend in Tbilisi?

  67. Can anyone recommend a Russian-speaking guide-driver for a trip to Georgia?

  68. Where to go and what to visit in Tbilisi in winter?

  69. What are the best places to spend New Year's Eve in Tbilisi?

  70. How do you organize a month-long trip across Georgia?

  71. Can you suggest a driver for a private trip between Tbilisi and Gori for a whole day for two people?

  72. Suggest good and interesting places in Tbilisi

  73. 3 prerequisites for a visit to Georgia in 2022

  74. About the famous Tbilisi courtyards 🌟🌟🌟

  75. Paid parking in Tbilisi. The system of zone-hourly parking in Tbilisi.

  76. Passed on the rights in Georgia!

  77. How to buy and how to sell a car in Georgia?

  78. Where can I buy a car in Georgia?

  79. Where and how to get a Georgian INN to change a car number?

  80. How to change Russian car license plates to Georgian ones in Georgia?

  81. How to get Georgian license plates temporarily?

  82. Customs clearance of cars in Georgia

  83. How to get a driver's license in Georgia without problems to a foreigner?

  84. Who has the right to leave Georgia for Russia by car with Russian numbers: peculiarities of leaving Georgia, terms of stay abroad.

  85. How to get from Georgia to Trabzon (Turkey): optimal routes from Georgia to Trabzon and back.

  86. Advise a reliable laptop repair technician.

  87. Why move your startup to Georgia? What You Should Know to Run a Profitable Business in Georgia

  88. Which bank in Georgia to apply to and how do the services of one differ

  89. Are there banks in Georgia whose cards PayPal recognizes?

  90. How to transfer money from Russia to Georgia?

  91. Exchangers in Kutaisi, where to buy lari? Where to deposit dollars and rubles?

  92. Currency exchange, Georgian stamps. How to make an exchange, for the benefit of yourself.

  93. Carry cash or use ATMs in Georgia?

  94. And what do you know about the Georgian currency? About Lari?

  95. What kind of money in Georgia is a priority for a tourist from the Russian Federation? What currency should I take with me?

  96. Payment by bank card in Georgia, the pitfalls of interest, is there a sense of such a calculation?

  97. Which currency is popular and more profitable when exchanging in Tbilisi?

  98. Will you need a Russian credit card in Georgia?

  99. Traveling to Georgia, what currency should I take with me? Where is the exchange possible? Tips and reviews of tourists.

  100. About income tax in Georgia in detail

  101. VAT in Georgia - detailed information

  102. All about Georgia taxes in 2023

  103. Changes in the taxation of Georgia in 2021

  104. How often does the exchange rate of the Georgian lari change?

  105. It is impossible to withdraw lari from Sberbank's bank card in Georgia

  106. Transferring funds to Georgia from Russia and other countries

  107. Differences in the exchange rate of lari at banks and exchange offices on the street

  108. Nuances of currency exchange in Georgia

  109. Is a passport required for currency exchange in Georgia?

  110. Is it easy to exchange rubles for lari?

  111. Today's exchange rate of the lari to the ruble, dollar, and euro

  112. The exchange rate of the Georgian lari in Moscow

  113. Currency converter in Georgia

  114. Which currency should a tourist take to Georgia?

  115. What money should a tourist bring to Georgia?

  116. Why does a tourist need Georgian coins?

  117. Where can you buy lari at a favorable exchange rate?

  118. Are there ATMs and payment terminals everywhere in Georgia?

  119. Currency exchange in Georgia - where to check the exchange rate of lari?

  120. Money transfers from Russia and Ukraine: alternative to Paypal money transfer

  121. Cash withdrawal from the Tinkoff card is impossible!!!

  122. Transferring a large amount to your account from a Russian bank to a Georgian one: which reliable bank to contact to transfer money from the sale of an apartment, pitfalls when transferring large amounts.

  123. Money withdrawal from paypal: terms of money withdrawal, amount of commission for money withdrawal

  124. Minibuses from Didube or another place in Ambrolauri.

  125. Is it possible to transport an animal on trains in Georgia (specifically interested in the Tbilisi-Batumi train)?

  126. Where can I find a good new minivan with a driver?

  127. Tell me a good transport company, who will be able to deliver cargo from Moscow to Tbilisi at a normal price?

  128. Travel options: from Batumi to Istanbul.

  129. Which transport is better to choose for traveling around Georgia?

  130. Rabat Fortress, independent trip from Borjomi.

  131. How and where to hire a Russian-speaking guide and driver in Georgia?

  132. How much does it cost to rent a car with a driver in Kazbegi - Ananuri, Arch of Friendship, Gudauri?

  133. A car with a driver, how and where to hire in Tbilisi?

  134. How much does it cost to rent a car with a driver? A trip from Zugdidi, via Borjomi, to Tbilisi?

  135. Georgia, a trip for ten days, from Batumi to Tbilisi, via Svaneti, Kutaisi, Gori, Kazbegi, Telavi, Sighnaghi. An English-speaking driver with a car is needed.

  136. A trip from Batumi to Mestia, there and back

  137. About moving to Kutaisi from Tbilisi

  138. A driver from the village of Roshka in Tbilisi.

  139. Ten-day trip from Tbilisi. Visit Borjomi, Trinity, Batumi. Rent a car with a driver

  140. How to find a private driver in Tbilisi?

  141. A trip from Tbilisi to the National Park of the Doctor, in the village of Gebi

  142. Tbilisi, bus from the airport

  143. Car for rent with a Russian-speaking driver for two days, Tbilisi - Kazbegi

  144. Car rental with driver for one day on a route from Tbilisi to Borjomi, through Lake Paravani and Vardzia. How much will the trip cost?

  145. First class and second class on the Stadler train, can you tell me the ticket price?

  146. How to leave Gudauri? Cheap taxi from Gudauri or minibus, bus?

  147. Taxi in Georgia, nuances

  148. How to buy an online train ticket in Georgia? Step-by-step video instructions for tourists

  149. How to get from Yerevan to Tbilisi: official companies, private carriers

  150. How to get to Tbilisi: budget options, cost of flights

  151. How common are Russian-speaking speech therapists in Tbilisi and is there a demand for this type of work.

  152. Advise a Russian-speaking dermatologist (or clinic).

  153. Search for a skin specialist.

  154. Physical education, sports, yoga, steeplechase.

  155. Where did you remove moles?

  156. How necessary is it to bring baby food to Georgia?

  157. Which water parks in Tbilisi did your children like the most?

  158. How much can a child be carried away by a trip to Georgia?

  159. What medical resorts in Georgia are known to you by your own example?

  160. Even the greatest mental pain can be mitigated by a small dental

  161. Dentistry in Tbilisi: placing a bridge in a week, clinics, specialists, contacts

  162. Russian-speaking children's development centers in Tbilisi: places where your child will have fun

  163. Features of medical insurance in Georgia: the need for insurance, insurance companies

  164. Medical insurance in Georgia: choosing a clinic/specialists under insurance

  165. How much money can an expat family of two adults and a child live in Georgia?

  166. Who lives or knows how people live in Georgian villages?

  167. Georgian khachapuri baking oven.

  168. Share the contacts of a wedding florist in Tbilisi.

  169. Which place is the best for living in the vicinity of Tbilisi?

  170. Learn Georgian language: individual approach, proven quality

  171. Dance studio in Tbilisi: ballet classes for the little ones

  172. Additional education for children in Tbilisi: sports clubs, theater studios, dancing, music.

  173. Education in Batumi: Where to Send a Russian-Speaking Child for Quality Education and Attentive Approach

  174. Official permission to work in Georgia for foreigners: Is it possible to officially get a job in Georgia without having a residence permit?

  175. Where can I leave my children under supervision for a few hours: find a private kindergarten, children's center, or a good nanny in Tbilisi

  176. Where are quality toy stores in Tbilisi?

  177. Where in Tbilisi can you find a good and inexpensive humidifier?

  178. Tell me a power tool store in Tbilisi

  179. Where can I find a large selection of cloisonne enamel jewelry?

  180. How do you find out about sales in shopping malls: clothes, shoes, groceries, household goods?

  181. Do you want to try real Georgian tea? Do you know where to find one?

  182. What kind of wine to buy in Georgia?

  183. What can I buy for a fan of shopping in Sarpi?

  184. What to bring as a souvenir from Batumi?

  185. The best alcohol in Georgia, where to buy?

  186. Gas grill or grill where to buy in Tbilisi?

  187. Where in Georgia to buy used clothes, vintage, second-hand?

  188. Tbilisi, where to find Adjarian tobacco?

  189. Buy second-hand clothes in Georgia where to start a business?

  190. Where to buy glycerin in Georgia?

  191. I wonder what kind of wine to try while in Georgia?

  192. What are the rules when choosing wine in Georgia?

  193. Where is inexpensive food in Batumi?

  194. Where in Tbilisi can I eat for a small fee?

  195. Georgian wine tasting in Batumi, where is it better?

  196. Food in Tbilisi, where is it better to go for dinner?

  197. Good wine in Batumi, where to look?

  198. Georgian cheeses and dishes - which ones should I pay attention to?

  199. Cafes and restaurants in Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Kazbegi what do you recommend?

  200. Menus in restaurants in Georgia, how to find out the cost of food?

  201. Food in Georgia, what are the prices?

  202. Restaurant food in Georgia and prices - how much will you be able to spend?

  203. The best barbecue in Tbilisi in which restaurant can I eat?

  204. What are our badrijani girls made of?

  205. Getting to know phali

  206. Suluguni rolls from naduga

  207. Let's get acquainted! Shotis Puri. The most delicious bread in Georgia.

  208. Did you know that there are over a hundred types of cheese in Georgia? How many have you tried?

  209. What does the "Check-out" rule mean?

  210. How do hotels get “stars” and what is the difference?

  211. Where to rent a house in Tbilisi?

  212. How much does accommodation in Batumi hotels cost and what is included in the price?

  213. Where can I stay in Tbilisi?

  214. Where can I find good, inexpensive housing in Tbilisi?

  215. What is the best place to stay in Batumi?

  216. What are some interesting hotels for families in Gudauri?

  217. Where to find and rent accommodation in Batumi?

  218. How much does it cost to rent, rent or buy an apartment in Georgia in good condition?

  219. Guest houses, hotels in the vicinity of Tbilisi: stunning views, a stay for 1-2 nights

  220. Is there still a Gold Fund in the National Museum of Georgia?

  221. The child's Russian passport has been lost. Is it possible to order it in Georgia?

  222. Help me take pictures of apartments for the website.

  223. Barbecue cooking in Tbilisi, are there any rules?

  224. Where in Georgia can I find a reliable real estate agent or agency?

  225. How to open a restaurant in Georgia for a foreigner? What documents do I need to collect and where to issue them?

  226. Hookahs in Tbilisi - is it possible to buy chillum?

  227. I would like to open a store in Tbilisi. How to do it better?

  228. Are brass knuckles legal in Georgia?

  229. Renting a house in Georgia, the experience of my family - Mistakes that you can avoid.

  230. Proper rental housing. On the example of Georgia and from personal experience.

  231. When is the best time to go to Gudauri

  232. Repair and adjustment of plastic windows in Tbilisi: trusted companies, private craftsmen.

  233. Apartment in a new building: pitfalls of housing in Georgia that has not been put into operation

  234. How to get rid of mold: the most effective ways to eliminate mold on walls

  235. Find a master who performs construction work in Tbilisi

  236. Dutch tulips: micro-business, demand for tulip bulbs

  237. The taxi driver is rude and quotes an inflated price for the ride: what to do and how to protect yourself?

  238. Mobile communication in Georgia: choosing a mobile operator with stable and high-quality internet

  239. International parcels: tax on goods worth more than 300 lari

  240. Tailoring and clothing repair in Georgia: specialized ateliers, private masters

  241. Payment for utilities: gas bill, what are the reasons for high gas bills

  242. iHerb package: Delivery assistance, additional taxes.

  243. Laser cutting in Tbilisi: cutting MDF, plywood according to individual drawings

  244. Georgian Post: how the postal service works, the fastest way to deliver parcels from Russia to Georgia and back

  245. Where to buy 1883 syrups in Georgia? French pastry ingredients

  246. Apple stores in Tbilisi: where to buy original Apple technology?

  247. GPI Insurance: Choosing a Competent English and Russian-Speaking Manager of GPI Insurance Company

  248. Jewelry Workshops in Tbilisi: Finding a Good Jeweler in Saburtalo District, Tbilisi

  249. How to return to Russia if the Russian foreign passport has expired

  250. MacBook repair in Tbilisi: finding a good technician for MacBook repair

  251. Find a good psychologist in Tbilisi: psychologist in Tbilisi offline

  252. Where to find a professional seamstress in Tbilisi?

  253. Driving instructor: a verified driving instructor in Georgia

  254. Obtaining a driver's license in Georgia: choosing a driving instructor

  255. Driver's license in Georgia: how can a Russian citizen obtain a driver's license

  256. Getting a driver's license in Georgia: Is it possible to take the driving exam in Tbilisi if you took the theory exam in Poti?

  257. Restaurants, bars, cafes in Tbilisi: establishments with the best cuisine, a unique atmosphere, and their own history

  258. Canteens in Georgia: where to eat deliciously and inexpensively

  259. Buying an apartment in Tbilisi: what you should pay attention to.

  260. Dental care in Tbilisi at night

  261. Dentistry in Tbilisi: teeth cleaning and whitening

  262. Where to buy ant repellent in Tbilisi: buy ant repellent in the form of gel or powder, safe for pets.

  263. Swimming equipment in Tbilisi: where to buy swimming equipment at budget prices

  264. Sports nutrition: buy sports nutrition in Tbilisi

  265. Podcast Recording Studio in Tbilisi

  266. Latin American Dances: Latin American Dance Studios in Tbilisi

  267. Medical insurance in Georgia - how to choose a company?

  268. Food and food photographer in Tbilisi: find a food photographer, photo studios in Tbilisi

  269. Hairdresser's services in Tbilisi: find a good master for haircuts

  270. Find an experienced mountaineering instructor in Tbilisi: alpine clubs that teach sports mountaineering

  271. Massage services in Tbilisi: choosing a quality massage therapist at reasonable prices in Tbilisi

  272. Florist's choice in Tbilisi: original flowers and edible bouquets

  273. Ski and snowboard instructor in Gudauri: Instructor for a child

  274. Teacher of graphics and academic drawing in Tbilisi preparation for admission.

  275. Choosing a good coach in Tbilisi: yoga, stretching, pilates. Motivation for results

  276. Karaoke in Tbilisi: choosing a good karaoke with quality service and beautiful interior

  277. Finding a person to cook food for a small family at home: how to find someone who will cook delicious and well for your family

  278. Guest houses with private wineries in Kakheti: cozy guest houses in Kakheti for accommodating large groups

  279. How to choose a manual therapist in Tbilisi: a high-class manual therapist - recommendations

  280. Assistance in overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder: choosing a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychological rehabilitation after oncological diseases

  281. Motorcycle rental in Georgia

  282. Car rental in Kutaisi: companies providing rental cars

  283. Hotels for dogs: temporary pet overexposure points in Tbilisi

  284. I want to share my experience of transporting a large dog in the cabin of an airplane from Tbilisi to Petersburg

  285. To transport a pet from Moscow to Tbilisi via Yerevan

  286. How to move with a cat or a dog from Minsk to Georgia - a detailed instruction