Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has gone through a difficult path, destroyed many times by the conquerors. But it was restored, changed over the centuries. The charm of the city determines the flavor of the old districts.


The best hotels in Tbilisi

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel

radisson-blu-iveria-hotel (6)

The Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel is one of the TOP hotels in the Radisson Blu chain. The quality of service corresponds to the class of the hotel, and the laconic design creates a sense of harmony.

Due to the location of the complex in the heart of the city, guests can visit nearby attractions: Samaya Garden, Narikala Fortress and Freedom Square.

Standard rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, and superior rooms offer views of the river and mountains of Tbilisi through panoramic windows.

The infrastructure includes: a fitness center, a spa, 2 swimming pools and other wellness services.

There are 4 restaurants on the territory of the hotel. Well, for those who want to relax after dinner, you can pay a visit to the 18th floor in the bars Surface or Oxygen.

Holiday Inn Hotel

holiday-inn-tbilisi 03

The Holiday Inn is located away from the center and not far from the Old Town in the Saburtalo district. Its advantage over Radisson is that prices are lower here, but the level of service is not inferior in anything.

Heroes' Square and Tbilisi Train Station are a 12-minute drive from the building, and the International Airport is 30 minutes away. It will take 2 minutes to get to the metro station.

The hotel with a 24-hour business center and 5 conference rooms is suitable for those who come to work. And the view from the windows to the Caucasus Mountains will help you relax and unwind. Well, at the end of the day, enjoy Georgian and international cuisine at the Adjara restaurant or an outdoor swimming pool.

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi -Лобби

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi is a 5-star hotel of the Hotels & Preference chain. It is located 9 km from the international airport and 500 meters from the sea coast of Tbilisi.

The service will provide a comfortable stay. The rooms have a nice bonus in the form of air conditioning, TV, kettle and other extras.

Restaurants on the territory of the hotel are varied by the presence of Georgian, European and Asian cuisine.

Guests can relax in the sports bar, indoor pool and spa. In addition, there are also 7 conference rooms and a gym.

The most popular hostel in Tbilisi

Fabrika Hostel & Suites

Хостел Фабрика - интерьер - 2

The popular hostel "Fabrika" is located in the old historical district, a 5-7-minute walk from the metro. It will provide convenience and comfort.

Tourists will be pleased with the not far distance with some of the main attractions.

In the past, the garment factory is equipped with a kitchen, luggage storage and free Wi-Fi. For an additional fee, guests can choose rooms with a private bathroom.

Those who want to relax can visit nearby cafes and bars and other establishments.

GL Hostel

Розовая комната в Rock Hostel First Line

The hostel will provide its guests with rooms in an exceptional interior.

Restaurants and supermarkets nearby are within walking distance. And also you can take a walk in the warm evening through the cozy streets of Tbilisi.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TVs, refrigerators and many other household items. All this will greatly improve your stay here.

There is also a nice service – food delivery from restaurants is free of charge.


Cybernetics Hostel & Suites – Вестибюль 03

"Cybernetics" is a hostel in Tbilisi that invites visitors around the clock to its doors.

If you are traveling with children, then this place is perfect for you, because there is a game console, darts, mini golf and many board games on the territory of the institution.

Within the walls of the hotel you will definitely find something to do and be able to entertain your children.

All the staff is attentive and polite, performs their work efficiently.

Each room has a private bathroom, as well as an equipped kitchen and dining room.


Georgian Foreign

  • Ministry hotline: +995322945050 or +995595883812
  • shared numbers: + 995322945000
  • Department of International Law +995322945000 — ext.2004

Border Service and Customs

  • Georgian Border Police + 995322414242
  • Phone of the Upper Lars checkpoint (Russian side) 8(8672)252753 or 8(8672)595227 or 8(8672) 258342
  • Georgian Customs (hotline) + 995 (32) 229-92-99

The Interests Section of the Russian Federation at the Swiss Embassy in Tbilisi

  • + 995322912453 or + 995322912645


  • Tbilisi Airport + 995322310421
  • Kutaisi Airport + 995431237000
  • Batumi Airport + 995422235100


  • Hotline of the Ministry of Health of Georgia 15-05 (around the clock)
  • Disease Control Agency Hotline 116001
  • Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital (address: Kazbegi Avenue 16) + 995322395729
  • Unified telephone number of dispatching ambulance services, police, fire and gas services 112

✔️ General reference on Georgia 144

Restaurants in Tbilisi with national music

Millions of tourists come to Georgia to enjoy the national Georgian flavor: including listening to polyphonic singing, watching incendiary national dances.

It is not necessary to attend concerts for this. Many restaurants in Tbilisi entertain guests with live national music and dancing.

“Georgian House”

Ресторан Грузинский дом

The restaurant “Georgian House” is located in the historical district – the Old Town. The interior of this place does not change the traditions of the Georgian people.

Guests are offered a choice of 6 types of halls: central, vip, Tiflis, individual apartments, terrace and courtyard.

The entertainment program of the institution will also not make visitors bored. It includes the performance of the musical group "Kalakuri", the dance ensemble "Tiflis" and other pop musicians.

“In the shadow of Metekhi”

В тени Метехи ресторан

The restaurant "In the Shadow of Metekhi" was founded in 2005 in the old part of the city. It offers guests to enjoy national dances and songs of performers.

In the "Treasure of the Georgian Holiday" menu, visitors can try out up to 30 traditional Georgian dishes, the recipes of which were known only by the elders of the regions. A Fusion menu is also offered, the dishes of which are prepared in European technique.

The establishment has a terrace overlooking the Mtkvari River and the beauty of the ancient part of the capital of Georgia.

“Tabla Saloon”

Ресторан Tabla Saloon

The restaurant "Tabla Saloon" is the best place for family and business meetings in the city.

The restaurant offers a new Georgian menu with delicious dishes. Live music creates a special atmosphere of the Georgian holiday.

A wine expert has been invited to the establishment, who will help guests decide on the choice of a drink.

The interior of the restaurant helps not to forget about the traditions of the Georgian people. Its advantage is that it has high-class service and excellent quality of dishes at reasonable prices.

Bars of Tbilisi with excellent cuisine

«Straws Ethnic Bar»

Canudos-Ethnic-Bar-интерьер бара-02

Canudos Ethnic Bar is located on Mikhail Javakhishvili Street and is suitable for those who are determined to relax inexpensively and have fun.

The menu has a wide variety of drinks: from cocktails to strong alcohol. Thanks to the fast service, the institution has an excellent reputation.

There are a lot of interesting things for tourists here: you will feel the spirit of travel and mixing of cultures.

A pleasant bonus bar often offers to spend time participating in games or film screenings.

«City Roof Terrace Bar»

City-Roof-Terrace-Bar-интерьер ресторана

City Roof Terrace Bar invites guests to taste a unique rum recipe. There is also a large selection of Asian cuisine menus.

The establishment has a bright interior and a bar built inside the car. Friendly and energetic staff is ready to provide high-quality service. The bar is popular for desserts with a tropical taste.

The institution pleases visitors with adequate prices and a beautiful view from the window.

«Radio Bar»


Radio Bar has an unusual interior design. Only here guests can taste homemade craft ice cream according to the recipe of Georgian traditions.

Live music and friendly staff will leave a pleasant impression.

The restaurant's menu will delight visitors with modern Georgian cuisine. Here you can relax with both a noisy company and a significant other.

The best cafes in Tbilisi


Illy-Caffe-блюдо кафе-03

Cafe "Illy" due to its location in the shopping center is distinguished by a large influx of visitors. It is a good opportunity for guests to relax while shopping.

Pleasant and friendly staff will provide 100% quality service. It also serves coffee with a unique taste, which consists of 9 varieties of Arabica.

In this place you can spend time both with a group of friends and with your family. The establishment invites everyone to taste Italian cuisine and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and laconic interior. In addition, you can choose places with a view of Freedom Square.

Cafe Pantagruel

Cafe-Pantagruel-интерьер кафе-03

Cafe Pantagruel is a place that is perfect for visiting with the whole family.

The chef and the owner of the cafe in the same lyceum invites you to taste dishes and drinks of Georgian cuisine. High-quality service by the staff will leave a pleasant impression for all guests.

For an adequate price, the establishment will allow you to feel a cozy atmosphere and enjoy homemade Georgian wine. The interior design of the cafe is made in bright colors in a laconic style, which creates coziness and comfort.

As a nice bonus, the chef will treat you to a delicious dessert.

Moulin Electrique

Кафе Moulin Electrique

Cafe Moulin Electrique welcomes visitors with a concept in the format of a loft cafe in Berlin or St. Petersburg. Suitable for those who want to relax with their family or in the company of a significant other.

The cafe's menu includes European and vegetarian cuisine. Here you can try out the magic homemade chacha, and in the morning drink an amazing fragrant coffee.

The establishment offers to relax in good weather on the veranda of the cafe. And the prices and the service staff will not leave you indifferent.

Not only restaurants - where to eat in Tbilisi

Deutsche Pub

Deutsche-Pub-блюдо паба-03

The German pub "Deutsche Pub" invites all visitors to taste Georgian and American cuisine.

For meat lovers, it is offered to enjoy a juicy steak of any degree of roasting. A wide variety of side dishes to suit your taste. Also, the institution will delight lovers of spicy dishes with Mexican potatoes. Adjarian khachapuri are especially popular here.

The menu also offers an extensive selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Good quality of service by the staff will not make you wait long, and a pleasant atmosphere will be remembered for a long time.

Pizzeria Localino

Pizzeria-Localino-интерьер ресторана-03

Italian cuisine restaurant is a good alternative to replace the usual Georgian. Therefore, the pizzeria "Locally" will provide an opportunity to enjoy high-quality dishes.

The restaurant's menu offers a selection of pizzas to suit your taste. If you want to try the new and unknown, then you are here.

In the restaurant you will enjoy a pleasant interior, and the staff will serve you quickly and efficiently.

You can also supplement your dinner with drinks that are presented in the assortment.

Burger House

Интерьер Burger House

Burger House is an American cuisine restaurant in Tbilisi. A good option for relaxing while walking. There is a large selection of burgers on the menu - here you will definitely find the right one for yourself.

Visitors are also invited to try French fries and salads. For an inexpensive cost, large portions.

The staff is fast-serving and friendly and will do their job efficiently. Free Wi-Fi as a pleasant bonus will please all visitors.

Marto Khinkali


Marto Khinkali will delight all visitors with its variety of "kalakuri" and "mtialuri".

Tourists will enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant, which has preserved traditions. The cooks in the establishment cook only from high-quality and fresh meat.

The staff will do their job politely and quickly. Those who want to taste Caucasian cuisine will also be satisfied after visiting the institution.

The interior will not leave anyone indifferent with its simple and concise style and will create a feeling of comfort.

Dom Kofe

Dom Kofe Georgia

The Coffee House is located on Zahariya Paliashvili Street. The establishment is unique in that here you can choose your own individual coffee, for which you will choose the variety, grain and roasting yourself.

The menu offers from 20 varieties of individual orders. High-quality and fresh products are delivered to the coffee shop, and the staff will serve 100% quickly and politely.

An experienced barista who knows the business is ready to help lovers of coffee art when choosing an order.

Visitors will enjoy the elegant and modern interior and cozy atmosphere.

Sapore Cafe

Кафе кондитерская Sapore

Cafe Sapore is suitable for family meetings, as well as relaxing during a walk. The cafe is located on Beijing Street.

The menu in the institution has a variety of desserts and cakes. If you are a lover of sweets, you will like it. Baklava is especially popular here. Also for dessert, you can try drinks prepared in the bakery.

Pleasant and friendly staff quickly serves. The stylish interior and the aromas of sweet pastries create a unique atmosphere for the establishment. The prices in the cafe also delight guests.

Entree Bakery

Entree Bakery

Entrée Bakery is perfect for those who want to have a delicious breakfast for adequate money. The restaurant's menu offers a large selection of pastries and desserts.

The bakery has an indescribable cozy atmosphere, thanks to the fragrant smell and simple interior. Quality service and friendly staff make an impression. The duo of two chefs will gladly allow you to enjoy the dishes of this institution.

Guests are invited to try not only pastries, but also many types of coffee and tea, as well as delicious juices squeezed from fresh fruits and vegetables.


Котлеты в кулинарии Агрохаб

The Agrohab store offers high-quality and environmentally friendly products to city residents and tourists. located on Marshal Gelovani Avenue 22.

There is also a large selection of locally produced natural quality wine products.

The hypermarket cooperates with local and global communities and is ready to help customers facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

The establishment will provide you with clean products of the best quality and deliver your order to any point of the city.



The Nikora supermarket chain is considered to be the leader among food stores. The company has been operating for more than 20 years and its main goal is constant development and gaining customer loyalty.

Here, buyers can purchase an international quality product at affordable prices without worrying about safety.

The success of the company is also confirmed by the high ratio of members of the organization exceeding 5000.



The Carrefour store provides more than 100,000 products to choose from. Buyers purchase items here to meet a large number of needs: from electronics to fresh fruit.

The store also offers customers the best value for money and will provide everyday convenience and comfort.

as a nice bonus, the store provides free Wi-Fi and a discount system.

Online shopping

How to get a purchase from a foreign online store in Georgia?

Most of the online stores that are not located on the territory of Georgia do not deliver purchases or delivery takes a long time.

Few people know that the problem can be solved with the help of carrier companies, which, in turn, are intermediaries.

In order to receive a purchase, the buyer must register on the intermediary company's website. After completing the registration procedure, the buyer will receive local addresses.

As an example, when ordering goods from ebay or amazon - American, Taobao - Chinese.


After some time, the purchased goods will arrive at the warehouse of the intermediary company and after 10-12 days you will be able to receive it in Tbilisi or Batumi.

Shipping cost

  • For the delivery of 1 kg of weight, intermediary companies charge from 5 to 9 dollars.
  • If the cost of delivery and the goods exceed GEL 300, you will have to pay a state duty of 18%.

It is worth considering such a moment: when ordering several parcels for one flight, their cost is summed up.

The most popular intermediaries - by country

  • camex.ge (USA, Germany, China, UK)
  • inexi.ge (USA, UK, Italy, Greece, China, Germany, Turkey)
  • fishisfast.com (USA only, but there are interesting options for repacking and peeling labels)

Courier delivery:

  • maleo.ge (USA and Greece)

Tbilisi Markets

Dry Bridge Flea Market

Блошиный рынок картины в Тбилиси

The Dry Bridge flea market in Tbilisi gives the goods a new life.

The assortment here includes used, but well-preserved items, from which each buyer will find something necessary for a reduced price. For collectors and lovers of vintage and retro style, this place will serve as a real paradise.

The market is located in the park on April 9, which allows you to combine walking and shopping. Visiting the bazaar is like traveling through time - it will give a lot of impressions to all customers. Friendly and polite sellers will tell you about each item being sold.

Deserter Market

Сладости сухофрукты на дезертирском рынке в Тбилиси

Deserter will delight customers with its numerous assortment.

In the market you will find a huge number of sweets prepared according to different recipes and traditions of the Georgian people. If you doubt the quality of the product, the sellers will prove it by tasting everything there is to choose from.

The Deserter market is popular with a large number of types of cheese on the shelves. You can also visit it in search of high-quality spices at a bargain price.

If you want to take a break from shopping, then nearby restaurants and coffee shops will help you with this.

Souvenir market on Rustaveli Avenue

Сувенирный рынок на проспекте Руставели

The souvenir market is located on Shota Rustaveli Avenue and will appeal not only to tourists, but also to residents of the city.

Thanks to this bazaar, you will be able to please your loved ones with the most unusual and colorful gifts: from a keyring with a magnet to a real Georgian dagger.

Lovers of historical objects will also leave here satisfied, because here, if you do not acquire, then at least you will get acquainted with the costumes and elements of everyday life of Georgian nationality.

Tbilisi Street Market

Блошиный рынок на сухом мосту в Тбилиси

The Tbilisi open-air Street Market is a place worth visiting if you want to enjoy the unusual and colorful nature of the city.

There is a large set of souvenir shops, designer items and antiques. Everyone will find something to taste.

The absence of a roof and walls is saved in hot weather, which increases the number of buyers.

The huge advantage of the market is that it is located a couple of minutes walk from the central Freedom Square, next to the metro station. Fans of haggling will be able to practice their skills here when communicating with sellers.

Souvenir, flower and other shops in Tbilisi

Chacha Marani

Ассортимент в chacha marani

The Chacha Marani alcoholic beverage store is located on Shalva Dadiani Street, a couple of minutes' walk from the nearest public transport.

For tourists, a voluminous assortment of different types of chacha and wines is offered. Here you can taste and choose for yourself what you will like. And a large variation in price will help you choose what suits your budget.

The pleasant atmosphere and interior of the establishment give a special atmosphere. Friendly and friendly staff can help you choose a drink and serve you well.

Jewelry store-Pokany workshop

Кольцо от pokany

All tourists should visit the Pokani jewelry workshop. Everyone will be satisfied after visiting the institution. Those who go to buy goods will definitely find something unique for themselves. Those who are not going to make a purchase will be able to enjoy the exhibition and the atmosphere of the workshop.

All products are handmade by craftsmen and attract the eye. The establishment itself has attentive and friendly staff.

You can also make an individual order if you wish. And thanks to the location of the institution in the center of Tbilisi, it will not be difficult for you to get here.

Duruji Valley

Duruji Valley

Kindzmauli Corporation ranks alongside the best wine producers in Georgia. Here you can buy wines made from different grape varieties.

If you can't decide on a drink, a qualified and experienced sommelier is ready to help you with this. Before buying, there is also an opportunity to taste the wine and choose the one you like.

"Duruji Valley" provides an opportunity to order a drink anywhere in the city or visit the store located on Simona Janashia Street 22.

Gamarjoba Sakartvelo Souvenirs

Сувениры на полках в Caucasus Decoroom

The shop "Gamarjoba Sakartvelo Souvenirs" invites tourists to its doors and offers packaged souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones.

The prices in the institution are pleasantly pleasing, and the staff is responsive and attentive, will help customers decide on a choice.

The peculiarity of the store is that the staff of the institution pays great attention to the appearance of the packaging. This helps not to forget the vivid impressions of the time spent on the trip.

Skin Care


The "Skin Care" store can please all women with the presence of a large assortment. It includes professional Korean care cosmetics: face care products, shampoos and hair balms, lotions and moisturizing serums.

When choosing a purchase, the working staff will help you and serve you quickly and efficiently.

You can also make a purchase on the website or pay a visit to Pushkin Street 23. "Skin Care" pleases with a low price level and guarantees the quality and safety of products.

You can also get professional advice from sellers both in the store itself and online on the website.

Useful information about Tbilisi⬇️

Iconic places of Tbilisi

The sights of Georgia are admired by everyone who has visited them at least once. And if you don't know what to see in Georgia, then start with the most popular places in Tbilisi.

Georgian Maidan

Площадь Мейдан в Тбилиси

A walk along the Maidan of Tbilisi is included in the list of the most important things that every tourist must do. We advise you to take a camera to capture the beauty of this place.

Georgian Maidan is rich in incredible history. Near the square there is a mosque, the Levtovsky Waterfall, as well as especially a place that must be visited – the Botanical Garden.

During the walk you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere – architecture, white mosaic, sulfur baths and a stunning view of the Metekhi Church and the Narikala fortress make the square truly magical. A large number of cafes, bars and other establishments will allow you to relax while walking. And also here you will find a lot of interesting items that will decorate your home and become a wonderful memory of the trip.


Гора Мтацминда - Mount Mtatsminda - фуникулер

Mtatsminda is a park located 770 meters above the sea, offering stunning views of the city. Its advantage is that the entrance to it is free, and you can enjoy a walk in it 24 hours a day.

This place is steeped in fascinating history – many figures of art and science are buried here. It is also one of the most popular among Georgians. The park is divided into several zones - so you can walk here not only with your family, but also with friends. There is a cafe, a restaurant on the territory, and those who wish can get a lot of adrenaline on the rides.

For lovers, this place will be especially beautiful, because there is a stunning view of sunrises and sunsets.

Old City of Tbilisi

Тбилиси старый город

The Old Town is the first thing to visit in Tbilisi. You can get to it on foot from Freedom Square, but take care of comfort, because the terrain is not the easiest for you.

In another way, the Old City is called Kala – a fortress, created in the past by the Persians. It is located on the banks of the Kura River. The architecture of this place has preserved the appearance of the Middle Ages, which creates a sense of a fabulous atmosphere.

Gazebos equipped on the territory of this place can help tourists escape from hot weather and bright sun.

Narikala Fortress

Крепость Нарикала

The Narikala Fortress, a structure so beloved by all tourists for the extraordinary atmosphere of the Middle Ages, is located in the Old Part of the city of Tbilisi.

There are 2 ways for those who want to get there: a cable car is a more comfortable and convenient way that will save you time, and a walk along Orbiriu Street - this option will give you the opportunity to feel the culture and history of the city.

The fortress is located at a high altitude on the mountain of the Sololak ridge. The view of the building gives an unforgettable experience and will forever leave a mark in your memory.

Tsminda Sameba

Лестница к Собору Цминда Самеба в Тбилиси

Tsminda Sameba, or, as it is also called the Holy Trinity, is built in the Avlabari area on Mount Elijah on the left side of the Kura River. The temple is known throughout Georgia and is included in many tourist programs of excursions.

The cathedral is open every day for everyone. His style embodies mystery and grandeur.

Residents of the city are always ready to help tourists learn more about the history of the city of Tbilisi and share the history of sights.


Общий вид Мцхета

The most ancient city of this country is Mtskheta, and all tourists should definitely visit it. It appeared in the 5th century BC. If you want to learn and see the history of this city, then come here. Here you will be able to get into a truly deep culture.

There are 3 temples on the territory. By visiting this place, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view of the copulation of 2 rivers.

Those wishing to visit this place should know that men should wear trousers, and women here walk with their heads covered. At the end of the tour, all guests are invited to taste national dishes and drinks.

Vake Park

Передний вид парка Ваке

The first place for landscaping project in Tbilisi is Vake Park. Here you can enjoy clean and fresh air thanks to thousands of planted trees and shrubs.

The place is great for meetings with the family. There are many different playgrounds for children here. For adults, there are coffee shops and restaurants with traditional dishes on the menu.

The park is also perfect for romantic meetings - here you can spend time watching a movie in the open air.

An organized bus system allows you to get directly to the park by public transport.

Information about Tbilisi

Founded: 455

Area: 720 sq. km.

Population: 1.1 million people.

Currency: Lari

Language: Georgian

Flight time:

from Moscow - from 2 hours 35 minutes.

from St. Petersburg - 6 hours 50 minutes.

from Kazan - 2 hours 40 minutes.

from Yekaterinburg - 3 hours 05 minutes.

from Novosibirsk - 6 hours 25 minutes.

Types of transport in Tbilisi

Metro, taxi, buses and minibuses

Желтое такси в тбилиси

When traveling, you can choose for yourself which type of transport in Tbilisi you will like. You can choose from taxi, metro, bus, minibus.

The most budget options are public modes of transport: metro and bus. Both of these options have approximately the same cost – 0.5 lari. A nice bonus – the first hour after the first payment for the subway ride will be free. As in the case of the bus, if you pay with a card. You can find out more information on the official websites.

Taxis in this city are represented by MAXIM, Toyota-Taxi, Reno taxi, Taxi Georgia, Tbilisi City Taxi, GG Georgia. You can also learn more by visiting websites or downloading the application to your mobile phone.

The cost of the first minibus ride will be 0.8 lari, but on the second day you will be able to use the services of this transport throughout the day for 0.65 lari. There are 2 payment methods - both cash and card.

Where and on what can I leave Tbilisi?

Вход на станцию метро Исани

For those who want to travel in the direction of Kakheti, then you will first have to get to the Isani metro station Ortachala or Isani bus station. And from there you need to get to Kvemo Kartli if you want to get to Marneuli or Bolnisi.

You also need to get to Didube railway station to go further to Samtskhe-Javakheti or Shide Kartli.

Internet and mobile communication in Tbilisi

Mobile operators and Internet comparison

Мобильный телефон в руках человека

In this city we can use the services of only 3 mobile operators, but quite at a low price: Beeline, Geocell and Magti.

During the trip, do not forget to purchase a SIM card. This will help you connect with your loved ones and organize your trip more favorably. You can buy it in all stores that provide mobile operator services.

To replenish the balance, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the paybox system.

Пейбокс в Тбилиси

You can buy a SIM card in Tbilisi at the offices of a mobile operator.

To do this, you will need an identity card and the signing of the contract. In order not to sign a contract, you can find any store with mobile phones, where SIM cards are sold just like that.

It is convenient to use payboxes to replenish the SIM card account in Tbilisi.

The commission is the same for everyone – 0.5% of the amount to be replenished. All payboxes have English for convenience, and many even support Russian for the convenience of tourists. The replenishment system is simple, it will be easy to figure it out.

The minimum amount for replenishment is 1 GEL.

Currency exchange in Tbilisi. Banks of Georgia

Banks and Finance

Main banks in Tbilisi

Банкомат Bank of Georgia

  • Bank Of Georgia (BoG) - there is a mobile application and an Internet bank, quick account opening and card issuance within 3 working days.
  • TBC Bank - the same advantages as BoG
  • Liberty Bank — open an account only if you have a residence permit. The main specialization of the bank is pension servicing.
  • VTB Bank Georgia is a branch of the famous Russian bank in Georgia. You can open a checking account for both an individual and a legal entity.

What currency should I take with me?


The city is crowded with exchange offices, so it should not be difficult for tourists to exchange currencies.

Experienced travelers are advised to use cash, because using a card you can lose some amount. The most favorable offers are the exchange of euros and dollars for lari.

Medical centers in Tbilisi

Пластическая хирургия в Грузии

Helsikor — cardiac surgery of the new time.

Helsikor is the first cardiac surgery center, which appeared in Georgia in 14. It was here in 2017 that the Tavi valve was installed in the heart for the first time by a new method. This event made an impression on all local healthcare.

The dispensary is equipped with high-quality equipment that helps professional doctors diagnose diseases at the initial stage of development, as well as cure with more gentle and modern methods for you.

The clinic also has a laboratory, the equipment of which, like the clinic as a whole, meets international standards. In addition to cardiology, the center carries out work in the departments of general surgery, gastroenterology, dermatology and others.


Plastic surgery at the Kuzanov Clinic.

The founder of the reconstructive Plastic Surgery department, Ivan Kuzanov, began the development of this direction in Georgia. The specialists of the clinic are real professionals in their field and take responsibility not only for basic operations, but also quite complex ones necessary after isolated cases, such as accidents.

The clinic provides services not only for adults, but also for children who need to correct some of their features.

Kuzanov Medical Center is provided with the latest high-quality equipment. Patients from foreign countries can use the medical tour service.

To cure teeth in Tbilisi - emergency dentistry

Algani Dent

Прием у стоматолога в Royal Dent

The doctors of the dentistry clinic "Algani Dent" are highly qualified doctors. The center is equipped with modern equipment that will help specialists to perform their work as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

It is located in the center, so it will be easy to reach from the metro. It is also important that it works 24 hours, and in case of force majeure, doctors will be able to provide services quickly.

The clinic has a specialist for children who will find the right approach to patients quickly and painlessly perform their work.

Dream Dental & Aesthetic Group

Стоматология NEW DENT

Dentistry is located on Nikoloz Baratashvili Street 10, a few minutes walk from the metro. The clinic is provided with innovative equipment, and the team of doctors is highly qualified, so you should not be afraid for the safety of your smile.

The clinic provides implantology and teeth whitening services, and treatment is also offered for children. It works around the clock, which is very important if necessary.

Inside the building there are 9 classrooms for adults and 1 for children. There is also a private office for X-rays. The staff is attentive and responsive and will do their job efficiently.

Vera Dent

Стоматологическая клиника NEW DENT

This clinic provides services for all dental procedures performed only by professionals. The specialists of the clinic have the highest category.

In dentistry there are equipped offices that are gaining positive responses. The services provided also include dental restoration and pediatric dentistry.

Doctors here use modern technologies to perform the procedure quickly and painlessly. The staff will kindly and politely serve and leave a pleasant impression.

Where to buy medicines - pharmacies in Tbilisi

Pharmacy Red A


Pharmacy "Krasnaya A" provides a large selection of various devices for medical use at home. For example, a portable glucose meter that can help people with sugar problems.

The building is located on Nutsubidze Street. The pharmacy offers customers an assortment of safe personal hygiene products, healthy and dietary food.

Here you can find for yourself both medical and cosmetic products to your taste. Also, qualified staff will help you decide on a choice and will serve you 24 hours a day.

Pharmacy No. 23


In pharmacy No. 23 you will find drugs and medicines for various diseases. Also, the assortment of the institution can provide you with a large selection of therapeutic ointments and gels.

The pharmacy offers a variety of medical products and products for children.

The establishment is located on David Agmashenebeli Avenue, which is located near the center. The staff will do their job 100 percent and leave a pleasant impression.



The Impex pharmacy is located on Beijing Avenue. Here the staff will help you choose a drug for treatment or prevention.

The products are supplied to the institution from different companies in Europe, India and Russia. Here you will find not only drugs for treatment, but also various devices for measuring blood pressure and sugar.

There is also a large selection of products for children in the assortment: food, nipples, toys and other items.

Excursion "Voices of the parade"

Интерьер парадной в Старом Тбилиси

The "Voices of the Parade" tour is held in a historic district filled with rich history. During the tour you will be able to see the ancient city of Tiflis, as well as walk along the back streets of Sololaki.

The interior of the buildings that will be presented to you required extraordinary skills and talent. And during the event, you will be able to consider the craftsmanship of the times of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Also, after visiting this tour, you will become aware of the legends about the city and interesting facts and stories about the fate of the owners of these houses.

Medical assistance to tourists in Tbilisi

Медстраховка для туристов

If you need a doctor during your trip, then you can contact the following medical centers: Caraps Medline, EVEX Medical Corporation, Cardiology Clinic "Office of Preventive Cardiology".

Here are a few medical centers that are worth paying attention to:

  • Caraps Medline is located on 48 Ljubljana Street and will provide you with the correct diagnosis and safe treatment. It can provide services of the department of general surgery, traumatology, gynecology, ophthalmology and others.
  • EMEX Medical Corporation - can provide transplant services. The clinic is equipped with comfortable wards and high-class equipment. Certified staff will assist patients.
  • Cardiology clinic "Office of Preventive Cardiology" is equipped with innovative devices that allow to diagnose patients. There are only professionals in the team of doctors.

How to rent a car in Tbilisi

Прокат автомобиля Royal Car Rent в Тбилиси

Tbilisi is famous for a large number of attractions, but there are places that it is impossible to visit without your own car. Therefore, tourists are offered many firms and private owners to rent a car. The availability of insurance is the most important point, which should not be forgotten when choosing.

In order not to get caught by scammers, we recommend using only specialized services. For example, myrentacar.com it is advisable to resolve the issue of renting a car before the trip, so that no complications arise later.

Emergency Dentistry in Georgia

Стоматология в Тбилиси

A catalog of dental clinics that gives people complete, interesting, truthful information about where to put beautiful teeth, where they can be treated at affordable prices - the choice of a dentist in Tbilisi.

The Madloba catalog will help solve dental problems, whether it is emergency dental care for acute toothache or your desire to install dental implants in Georgia inexpensively.

Brokers of Georgia - how to protect yourself?

Недвижимость в Грузии

It should be noted that if problems arise with the landlord, real estate agencies have the right not to resolve these conflicts and declare that they are not responsible for this.

If you are going on a trip and want to rent your own accommodation, we advise you to seek the services of a lawyer who will help you to conclude a contract correctly and without risks.

The best private schools in Tbilisi

Tbilisi Private School-Talent Academy

Школа itvet

The private school has everything necessary for the education and development of schoolchildren: a library, a computer lab, a gym, a laboratory.

There is also an opportunity to visit such sections and circles as chess, swimming, dancing and various sports.

In the institution, each employee monitors the physical and psychological state of the students. And children are engaged in their own development within the walls of the school, participating in many activities.

School Projector

Обеденный зал Школа Проектор

The building of the private school Projector is equipped with modern equipment, attracting children to study the material. It stands out from other Georgian schools in that students here study Russian and English in depth.

The peculiarity of this institution is a special approach to each student. The educational program is based on the love of learning about the world and the processes around it.

Many unusual sections and circles are held for students: from rocket science to intuitive painting.

School Intellect Plus


The private school School Intellect Plus is specialized in the in-depth study of Georgian, Russian and English.

The school is equipped with a dining room, a sports and assembly hall, a library and everything necessary for education.

Studying at this school will cost you 300 GEL per month. All employees of the educational institution are qualified specialists who know their business.

Students of the school are engaged in active activities: they participate in Olympiads, attend clubs and participate in events.

Nicholas School

Nicholas School

St. Nicholas Private School provides an opportunity to participate in the educational process not only for children, but also for their parents.

The composition of qualified teachers instills national values in the school's students. English is taught from the 1st grade in accordance with the Cambridge system.

The training is divided into 3 levels – elementary, basic and intermediate. There is also a program for preparing for the 1st grade.

Car rental in Tbilisi with or without a driver


Аренда авто Грузии

Car rental can be provided by the company "Avis".

The office building is located in the center of Tbilisi, but you can use the rental service on the website.

The agency also provides the services of a chauffeur who, if desired, will meet you at the airport. Here you can choose for yourself the transport that suits you in price and class.

All employees of the company are highly qualified, so you can trust the drivers and not worry about safety.

Hertz Car Rental

Прокат автомобилей Tbilisi Auto Rent

Hertz Car Rental is one of the leading car rental companies that guarantees safety.

The agency provides its car rental services around the clock. Will help you move safely and comfortably and will be able to provide you with all the necessary documents.

All employees of the agency are professionals in their field and have many years of experience.


Аренда автомобиля Parent

The company "Kingrent" provides a choice of a large number of cars for rent at different prices and classes.

Everyone will be able to choose the transport that suits him.

If you need a driver's service, the company will also be able to help you. All drivers of the company speak Russian, Georgian and English, so you will also have no difficulty communicating with employees.

If you have any questions, the company can answer them via the round-the-clock hotline.

Tow trucks and car services - to help a motorist in Tbilisi

Sila Group

Эвакуатор Sila Group Грузия

The Sila Group company provides tow truck services, and will also be able to diagnose and repair your car in case of unforeseen situations.

If you need the services of the company, then it will be able to perform them efficiently and quickly at reasonable prices.

The company's car service is located in the center of Tbilisi, not far from the nearest metro station.

Sila Group can also deliver fuel to you, if necessary, anywhere in the country.

Evacuator 21

Evacuator 21 в Тбилиси

If you want to order a tow truck service, then you should pay attention to the Tow Truck 21 company. Here you can use this service at a pleasant price.

All employees of the company are qualified craftsmen and will deliver your car as soon as possible.

If you are interested in the service, you can call and clarify all your questions at any time of the day.

Drajver +

Эвакуатор Drajver +

The company "Drajver+" will help to deliver your car quickly and efficiently. There is also a service of a "sober driver" who will take you in case of force majeure situations.

All employees are qualified and know their business, so you should not worry about your safety.

Using the services, your car is guaranteed to be delivered, and you will be satisfied.

Reliable real estate agencies in Tbilisi

Azturk Real Estate

GEOINCO - Консультации по недвижимости

If you need to rent a room in Tbilisi, the real estate agency "Azturk Real Estate" will be able to help you with this. Here you can consult how to sell or buy an object.

All specialists are qualified and will do their job efficiently. Here you can get help in making a purchase or sale of an apartment, a private house or an empty plot.

If you want to use the company's services, call and ask your questions.


Агентство недвижимости Erdo Group

The agency "Besthome" will be able to help anyone who wants to rent or buy any real estate object. also here you will be provided with advice on the sale of the object and the correct execution of the transaction.

The company's specialization in the real estate market is in fast and high-quality service. All employees of the company are friendly and welcoming, and a team of professionals guarantees success.

The main definition of the agency is trust and professional approach, which will ensure long–term cooperation.


Компания недвижимости Евразия

"101" is a real estate agency that guarantees high–quality and professional service.

All employees of the company - qualified specialists will be able to provide you with useful advice, as well as help you make a deal.

The office building is located in the city center, so it will not be difficult to get here. A team of specialists will fulfill your requests in a minimum amount of time. Also, the criterion of the company is that it takes into account all the interests of the client and provides high-quality services.

Repair and construction companies in Tbilisi

ART Bonus


Art Bonus construction company provides repair and construction services. The whole process takes place in accordance with architectural and design solutions.

The team of employees includes professional specialists who are ready to fulfill your order efficiently and quickly. All elements of the interior and design are selected individually for your requests, so there is no doubt about the uniqueness of your project.

Using the services of the company, you will be able to evaluate the quality work in the shortest possible time.


Ремонт, строительство и дизайн

MBC Construction Company provides repair services. The range of services includes: flooring, wallpapering, tile laying and many others.

If you are worried about the quality of work, then the company guarantees excellent quality of work, since the employees here are only specialists with extensive experience.

By contacting this company, you will receive a high-quality repair. At the end of the work done, you will be 100% satisfied with the result.


Строительная компания Ремонт

If you are looking for companies that will perform turnkey repairs of premises, contact the Olymp construction company. Here you will be offered a wide range of services, which includes: drafting, preparation of the site for work, dismantling and removal of construction debris.

The company's specialists provide a guarantee of the quality of repair, and will also do everything in a short time. Importantly, an official contract is offered to all clients here.

Using the services of Olympus, you will be provided with excellent quality repairs, and you will also be satisfied with the result.

Barbershops and beauty salons in Tbilisi

Ane Rosh

Салон красоты Beauty Corner Georgia

The beauty salon in Tbilisi "An Roche" is located in Tbilisi on Kvarchelia Street 2 and provides a wide range of services for rejuvenation and preservation of your beauty.

The range of services includes: facial rejuvenation, breast lift, buttock lift, hair restoration and other cosmetic procedures. Highly qualified specialists, relying on their knowledge, determine the features of your body and face and perform the procedure.

the institution will also provide you with services such as facial cleansing, makeup, pedicure, manicure and other types of cosmetic services.

Barbershop 95

Chop chop - стрижка бороды

"Barbershop95" is the place where you can provide yourself with a high-quality stylish haircut. At the same time, use the services of manicure and pedicure.

The staff includes only specialists with long experience. They guarantee that your haircut will be done in accordance with the trends of men's fashion, and your own wishes will also be taken into account.

Pleasant interior design creates a cozy atmosphere in the establishment, which is a pleasant bonus for all visitors and customers.


Салон красоты MIRROR - холл

The Loro salon provides its clients with makeup services, haircuts, various complex colorings and other cosmetic procedures.

The interior of the salon gives the establishment a light atmosphere, thanks to which you will definitely want to come here again.

Here you will be able to participate in a special program for hair restoration, which will significantly improve their condition. All the masters have extensive experience, so you should not be afraid to trust their hands.

Excursions to Tbilisi

A variety of ancient architectural monuments, nature reserves, active, preserved temples make Tbilisi a wonderful place for people who are looking for new experiences. Every traveler wants to have time to visit places that are associated with historical events, in order to make it easier for you to find excursions, we advise you to read this article, which will definitely help you!

All excursions

History of Tbilisi

Тбилиси старый город

The old city of Tbilisi, otherwise called Kala, is located on the banks of the Kura River, at the foot of Mtatsminda Mountain.

The medieval architectural appearance of upper and lower old Tbilisi is created by winding cobbled streets winding through the hills, ancient brick or clay two-storey houses with attached stairs leading directly to the second floor. And of course, vine-covered gazebos, in the shade of which you can hide from the midday heat.

Initially, the old fortress of Kala, created by the Persians, was considered a city, and the residential settlement that arose around the fortification itself was Tbilisi.

Старый город Тбилиси

There is also an opinion that the boundaries of the historical district coincide with the territory of Tiflis in the XII century.

The appearance of the city underwent strong changes in the XVIII century, when the settlement was looted and burned by the army of the Persian Shah.

However, it took only three years for the residents to restore the city from the ashes and resurrect its former beauty, adding modern elements at that time.

How to get there?

How to arrive in Tbilisi?

Силуэт самолета приземляется в Тбилиси, Грузия

To find an option that is suitable for you in all respects, you should familiarize yourself with the airline schedule and study what promotions and discounts can be provided.

Flights to Tbilisi can be carried out through such cities as Minsk, Kiev, Istanbul.

For example, the way from Minsk through Istanbul to Tbilisi and back can be about $ 200. And the Belavia airline provides a direct flight from Minsk for $ 300.

From Stavropol to Tbilisi by car


Fans of traveling by car may find a similar option. Let's consider the option of the way from Stavropol to Tbilisi.

The distance between these cities is 612 kilometers by road, that is, the road will take at least 11 hours in time. Note that this is the time without taking into account stops and force majeure situations.

You can choose one of two highways:

  • "Caucasus" or R 217 (former name M 29);
  • "Georgian Military Road" – A 161 (previously – P 301).

For stops and the opportunity to rest, you can stop in 23 settlements that you will meet along the way.

The cost of gasoline in Georgia is about 53 rubles per liter ≈ 2,115 lari. Diesel fuel is 1 ruble cheaper, which means about 2.08 lari. On average, 50 liters of gasoline will be needed for the entire journey from Stavropol to Tbilisi. Travelers are advised to replenish fuel at Vladikavkaz gas stations.


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Безопасное Путешествие по Стране Гостеприимства: Всё, что Вам Нужно Знать о Страховании в Грузии

Безопасное Путешествие по Стране Гостеприимства: Всё, что Вам Нужно Знать о Страховании в Грузии

Откройте для себя всё о страховании в Грузии с каталогом Madloba! Находите лучшие страховые компании, читайте отзывы, и получите контактную информацию для безопасного путешествия. Manlobe помогает вы…

Грузинские фамилии: значение и происхождение

Грузинские фамилии: значение и происхождение

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How to rent a car in the cities of Georgia: Useful tips and recommendations

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How to save on food in Georgia: tips from a seasoned traveler

Discover the secrets of saving on food in Georgia in our expert guide. Find out how to save money without compromising the quality and variety of the menu by choosing the best places for lunch and di…

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How to rent an apartment in Tbilisi? How to search for accommodation on airbnb?

So, you are going to Georgia. This article describes in detail how to use the airbnb website and what kind of website it is. You are given useful tips on using this wonderful service and instructions on how to get a coupon for a discount of $ 41 at your first registration on this site.

What is airbnb, why is it so loved all over the world, and why is the number of housing on this service constantly increasing? Everything is extremely simple. This is a service that is an intermediary between people who want to rent housing and the owners of this very housing, without the participation of other intermediaries or realtors.

Here you can rent an apartment, an apartment, a house, a room, a hostel, a bed in a room, anything ...


23 or more places in Tbilisi where you can eat delicious

If we talk about fashionable and popular places in Tbilisi, the first thing that comes to mind is of course two establishments that attract the attention of residents and tourists, "Winery" and "Factory". Although they are completely different, it is customary to talk about them together. In each cluster, you will definitely find a place to your liking, whether it's a bar or a restaurant. The arrangement of the street space will definitely win your hearts...


To the motorist - about parking in Tbilisi

As in many cities, in Tbilisi, not everything is smooth with parking. Therefore, there are so-called "parking attendants". They stand on the streets and help people find a parking spot.

By itself, parking in Tbilisi is free in most places, but it is customary to give "parking attendants" a small amount. As a rule, from fifty tetris to one lari, a maximum of two.  One lari is about 22-23 Russian rubles.  Many locals give only when the "parking attendant" really helped or...


TOP 10 hotels in Tbilisi

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We offer a selection of 10 hotels in Tbilisi — from chic and expensive to small, with affordable prices and good service.

The new Rooms Hotel Tbilisi is located near the avenue...


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Mziuri Park is a children's city in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia

Thanks to our website, you and your children will always find something to see in Georgia.

This park is often called a children's city, because the abundance of various attractions, playgrounds and entertainment attracts crowds of kids to Mziuri every day. This miracle park is located on Chavchavadze Street in...


Transfer to Tbilisi or car rental

Today we will try to figure out what is still more convenient, a transfer with a driver or car rental and self-driving.

If you have already been to Georgia, you can imagine what kind of movement there is. If not, I will try to explain. At the entrance to Tbilisi, moving along a four-lane one-way street with a permitted speed of 90 km per hour, a car was going in reverse to meet us exactly in the middle, the driver did not even bother..


Gastronomic tour of Tbilisi

Georgia is a country rich in architectural monuments, ancient buildings and monasteries, natural areas, wines and its history. But the true wealth of Georgia lies in the national cuisine, in the aroma of exquisite dishes.

It is worth coming to Tbilisi at least just to treat yourself to Georgian khachapuri, khinkali, churchkhela and many other dishes combined with Georgian wine. There are many places where you can have lunch and get acquainted with the local cuisine...


Tips for safe travel in Tbilisi

Georgia is known all over the world for its hospitality. In this country, everyone will find something native and fascinating for themselves. Today we will analyze a very important topic for tourists, namely: safe movement in Tbilisi...


Directory of organizations in Tbilisi