The son of the first President of Georgia will become the head of the national library

Музей книг в Тбилиси

Very interesting news came from Georgia, where the son of the first president of this country, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, may become the head of the national library. According to the Rustavi 2 TV channel, Konstantin Gamsakhurdia has already agreed to this position.

Previously, this position was held by Georgy Kekelidze, who served in it for 11 years, but was recently dismissed. It should be noted that Kekelidze allegedly received an offer to leave his post from the chairman of the parliament, who based his decision on the need to update the competencies of the library management.

It is worth noting that the Georgian National Library is the largest library in the country and holds in its collections many unique books, audio recordings and historical documents, including the first Georgian newspaper. The library has been in existence since 1955, but it was only in 1990 that it received the status of the National Library of Georgia.

Moreover, the library is a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). In 1996, it came under the administrative control of the Parliament of Georgia and became known as the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. In 2000, she was named after Ilya Chavchavadze, an outstanding Georgian writer and public figure.

Thus, the appointment of Konstantin Gamsakhurdia to the post of head of the national library was not only an important event for Georgia, but also an interesting news in the field of culture. Let's hope that the new head will be able to bring a fresh look and a sense of change to the work of the library, preserving its rich heritage and unique collections.

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    Интересно, стал ли он главой или нет. Эта новость вызывает любопытство и вопросы о том, каким образом он будет влиять на культурную и интеллектуальную сферу страны. Управление национальной библиотекой требует широкого кругозора, понимания культурных ценностей и знаний в области библиотечного дела. Важно, чтобы новый руководитель смог эффективно руководить этим важным учреждением и способствовать его развитию в интересах общества.