Tbilisi reservoir

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The Tbilisi Sea — this is the unofficial name of a large reservoir, which is located in the northeast of the central part of Tbilisi.

Marine life is not found in it, since the water is fresh. This is a very picturesque place to relax at any time of the year. The reservoir was created in the middle of the 20th century to supply Tbilisi with water.

For its construction, it was necessary to flood the waters of the Iori River with three salt lakes that were previously located on this territory. The scale of the reservoir is amazing: its length is 9 km, and its width is 3 km. The average depth is about 26 meters, but in some places it exceeds 45 meters. The reservoir is located at an altitude of 535 meters above sea level, so in summer it is not hot and stuffy on its shores.

In addition to purely utilitarian purposes, the Tbilisi Sea is used by citizens for recreation: there are several equipped beaches on the reservoir, an excellent modern water park with a large SPA area, and one of the most curious monuments of Tbilisi "History of Georgia" rises above the water on a hill.

Everything has been created on the shores of the reservoir so that vacationers do not have to be bored. There are cafes, restaurants, boarding houses and camp sites built here. There are both free and paid beaches equipped for a comfortable stay. There is enough entertainment on the water and on the shore: fishing, boating, catamarans or scooters. There is a local yacht club here. There are running and cycling tracks.

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Tbilisi Reservoir, Tbilisi, Georgia
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2 reviews
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  • Август
    Oct. 6, 2022

    Это любимое место у жителей Тбилиси, которые не горят желанием постоянно ездить в Батуми, чтобы искупаться в Черном море. Тбилисское море ничуть не хуже! Здесь также круто можно проводить летние отпуска, загорать и купаться.

  • Антон
    Dec. 22, 2021

    Недалеко от Тбилиси находится искусственно созданное озеро, которое также называют Тбилисское водохранилище. Место пользуется спросом у местных жителей и гостей города. Как достопримечательность не отметил бы, обычное водохранилище.