Cookie policy

General Provisions

This Cookie Policy (the "Policy") applies in addition to the general Privacy Policy posted on, which applies to the websites, programs, products and/or services of Madloba Limited and/or its affiliates and/or business partners, including those in the same group as Madloba Limited (the "Company"), and describes the categories, uses and opt-out methods for cookies.

What are Cookies?

When a User uses the Madloba Portal, cookies and other tracking technologies may be used in various ways: for example, to support the operation of the Madloba Portal, analyze traffic or provide suggestions to the User. These technologies are either used directly by the Company or by the Company's business partners, including third-party service providers.

A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to a browser on your computer or mobile device. So-called "basic cookies" are transmitted through the Company's own domain. Cookies owned by the Company are essential cookies. If the Company allows other organizations to use cookies through the Madloba Portal, they are called "third-party cookies.

A distinction is made between session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies exist until the User closes the browser. Permanent cookies have a longer lifecycle and are not automatically deleted when the browser is closed. The Company strives to use or allow cookies with a lifecycle of no more than 5 years. A cookie may only last longer in exceptional cases, for example for security purposes, and only when absolutely necessary.

In addition to cookies, other similar tracking technologies are used. These may include, for example, web beacons (also known as pixel tags, web bugs, or gifs) that track URLs or Software Development Kit (SDK) tools. A web beacon is a microscopic image, only a few pixels in size, that reaches the User's computer via an HTML email. The Company uses these pixels to get information about the User's device: for example, device type, operating system, IP address, and time of visiting the site. Web beacons may also be used to deliver and read cookies on a device. URL tracking is needed to know which site a user is coming to Madloba Portal from. The SDK is a short code embedded in applications that functions in the same way as cookies and web beacons.

All of the technologies together mentioned above are hereinafter referred to as "cookies".

the use of cookies

Cookies are used for various purposes. Through them, the Company recognizes the same User on different pages of the website, or on different websites. The information the Company collects through the use of cookies may include:

IP address;

The date and time when the User visited the Madloba Portal;

information about the User's hardware and software;

information about the Internet browser of the User;

information about the operating system of the device from which the User visits the Madloba Portal, such as the application versions and language settings;

information about clicks, pages displayed and reactions to information items;

Web logs.

What cookies does the Company use?

Technical Cookies. The Company provides Users with a modern and user-friendly website that automatically adapts to their needs and desires. To do this, the Company uses technical cookies, which allow the website to display correctly, ensure that it works properly, create a User account, allow the User to log in to the account and manage reservations. These technical cookies are strictly necessary for Madloba Portal to work smoothly.

Functional cookies. The Company also uses functional cookies to remember User preferences and to help the User use the Madloba Portal effectively (e.g., the Company may record preferred language, currency, previous settings). These functional cookies are not strictly necessary for Madloba Portal to work, but they add functionality for the User, making Madloba Portal more user-friendly.

Analytical Cookies. The Company uses these cookies to learn how Users use the Madloba Portal. It helps to understand what works and what doesn't, as well as to optimize Madloba Portal and applications and improve their performance, to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and informational materials and to make sure that Madloba Portal remains interesting and convenient for Users. The Company collects information, including which pages have been visited by the User, from which pages the User has moved to and from which pages the User has left the Madloba Portal, the date and time of use of the Madloba Portal.

This also means that the Company may use data on how the User interacts with the Madloba Portal, in particular the number of clicks on the page, mouse movements and scrolling, search words and other text that the User enters in different fields. When conducting information campaigns on the Internet, the Company uses analytical cookies to find out how Users interact with Madloba portal or applications after they have seen an advertisement (including on third-party sites). The Company may also use analytics cookies to let the Company's partners know if their customers have taken advantage of offers integrated into their sites.

Learn more about how to work with cookies

To learn more about how to handle or delete cookies, go to and to the "Help"/"Help" section of your browser. Through the settings of the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) the User can choose which cookies to accept and which to reject. The location of the settings depends on which browser the User uses. To find the necessary settings, use the "Help"/"Help" function in the User's browser.

If the User decides to reject certain technical and/or functional cookies, some functions of Madloba portal may be unavailable to such User.