Tbilisi 25th Adults' Polyclinic

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As we know, the prevention of diseases costs us less than their treatment. Therefore, you need to regularly monitor your health.

At the Tbilisi 25th Adults' Polyclinic Polyclinic in Tbilisi, in the Isani-Samgori district, on Besarion Chichinadze Street, 11, it will be easy for you to undergo a preventive examination. You will be provided with services of proper quality, will conduct a quality inspection, will consult.

The entire staff of the polyclinic works clearly and smoothly. The room is clean and everything is thought out, adapted for patients. You will always be politely prompted if something is unclear, will help in a difficult situation.

They speak languages
0168, Tbilisi, Isani-Samgori District, B. Chichinadze str. 11
Work schedule

Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 16:00

1 review
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  • Надежда
    Dec. 4, 2022

    Тбилисская взрослая поликлиника №25 это отличное место, которое поможет избавиться от всех ваших болезней и недомоганий. Здесь вам окажут только качественные услуги и результат выздоровления не заставит себя долго ждать. Обязательно обращайтесь!