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When the patient himself is unable to come to the X-ray, the X-ray itself will come to the patient. If you have already encountered difficulties when a sedentary patient needs to do an ultrasound or take tests at home, then it is easy for you to assess the importance of the emergence of mobile medical services.

Mobile services from the Mobilmedservice Medical Center in Tbilisi, in the Didube-Chugureti district, on 2/6 Ljubljana Street, allow additional hardware and laboratory tests to be carried out without transporting a bedridden patient from the medical department or from home.

The entire staff of mobile medical services, from doctors to laboratory assistants, has excellent training. Many of them have interned in America and Europe.

The main task of the mobile services center is to provide sedentary patients with comfort, safety and the best quality of services.

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0159, Tbilisi, Didube-Chugureti District, Lubliana str. 2/6
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Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00

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1 review
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  • Алиса
    Dec. 2, 2022

    Так круто, что медицинский центр Mobilmedservice так заботится о своих пациентах, что даже врачи могут на дому сделать больному УЗИ или забрать анализы. Я думаю, что многим такая услуга очень пригодится. Я рада, что в Тбилиси есть такие замечательные медицинские центры как Mobilmedservice. Здорово!