Khinkali House on Rustaveli 37b, Tbilisi

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will open in 23 hours and 05 min.

The Khinkali House restaurant, located in the center of Tbilisi, has a bright and cozy interior. There are whole works of art on the walls, high ceilings. There are aquariums with small fish. Khinkali House is part of a chain of restaurants, the management of which tries to maintain the level of establishments at a height. Each table has a waiter call button with three modes: order, payment and cancellation. If you come with a company, then the design of the tables allows you to increase it. The restaurant staff does everything possible to make guests of any age and social status feel comfortable. From the varied menu, be sure to order a barbecue for a small price.

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ave. Rustaveli 37B, Tbilisi, Georgia
Work schedule
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday — noon - midnight
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