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Next to all the real conditions in the hostel, I would like to mention the "green" project. The creator of the hotel is nature lovers who want to preserve the beautiful nature of Georgia.

The hotel collects rainwater to flush toilets, uses sensors to turn on and off lights, uses solar energy to heat the shower water, thereby not polluting the environment.

The owners of “Why Me Eco-friendly Hostel" are tourists. They traveled the world and enjoyed the freedom of hikers.

You will immediately notice that everything in the hostel is thought out to the smallest detail. They create the atmosphere of a tourist and simplify travel to other regions as much as possible.

You will find a lot of information and you can ask for more specific information at the front desk.

Our employees speak more than 5 languages.

They speak languages
Zurab Abuladze str. 5, Tbilisi, Georgia
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1 review
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  • Полина
    Nov. 18, 2022

    Для всех любителей природы это просто шикарное место! В “Why Me Eco-friendly Hostel” соблюдают все правила для того, что сохранить нашу природу. Здесь действительно продумано абсолютно всё до мелочей. Вы точно останетесь удивлены данным экологическим хостелом!