Alexander Nevsky Church

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The Russian Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky is located closer to the edge of the city, away from other attractions of the city and a two-minute walk from public transport. The church looks very beautiful from the outside: white walls and blue-green roofs are perfectly combined. The courtyards look neat and well maintained.

Inside the church, all the ornaments, icons, arches are covered with gold, which creates a special chic and gloss. It is worth noting that in this church the divine service is performed in the Church Slavonic language. Such services are held in only two churches in Tbilisi!

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38 Konstantin Marjanishvili St., Tbilisi, Georgia
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1 review
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  • Роман
    Dec. 14, 2021

    В церковь Александра Невского надо приехать целенаправленно, так как на основных туристических маршрутах ее не встретишь. Это намоленное и очень энергетически мощное место. Богослужения здесь проводятся на церковнославянском языке. В церкви хранятся частицы мощей Марии Магдалины, святой Нины, святителя Николая и др. А во дворе церкви можно посетить могилу отца Виталия.