All about the city of Batumi, Adjara, Georgia (2024)

Experience the beauty of Batumi, Georgia's picturesque coastal city. Explore its history, culture, beaches and attractions. Our Madloba guide will help you discover everything this resort town has to offer. Description and photos of the city, attractions, history, climate, beaches, interesting places, city map.

Brief information

Batumi is the capital of Adjara and one of the most developed seaside resorts in Georgia, which is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. At the same time, the city of Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia, a seaport and one of the economic centers of the country.

Batumi is divided into two parts – the Old and the New City, where you can see both ancient architectural monuments and modern, newest buildings. In the ancient part there are many historical sites and monuments, while in the new one there are many modernized buildings and structures. Today, this city is an integral part of the route of foreign tourists in Sakartvelo.


In the photo: A bird's-eye view of the port of Batumi.

Etymology of the name

The name of the city of Batumi, apparently, came from the Svan word "bat", meaning "stone". This settlement has existed for quite a long time, as evidenced by the first mention in history made by the Greek philosopher Aristotle in the IV century BC. He mentioned Batumi under the name Batus. Pliny the Elder, a writer of the first century AD, also described a port with the Greek name "βαθύς" or "Batus", which translates as "deep".This name was an adaptation of the local name. In the Middle Ages, the city was called Batomi, in 1878 it was renamed Batum, and since 1936 it has already become known as Batumi.

Вид на озеро Нури в Батуми

In the photo: A lake in the park on May 6 in the city of Batumi.

Geographical location

Batumi is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, on the Kakhabera lowland, 2-3 meters from sea level. The shape of the lowland resembles a crescent, which stretches for 7 km from north to west. The main part of Batumi is adjacent to the Batumi Bay, in the northern part of the Kakhaber lowland, along the rivers Bartskana and Korolistskali. The total area of the city is 64.94 km2.

  • Coordinates: 41°38'45" s. w. 41°38'30" v. d.
  • Area: 64.94 sq. km
  • Time zone: UTC+4:00

Districts of the city

In accordance with the decision taken by the Batumi Municipality on March 31, 2008, the territory of Batumi was divided into seven districts: Old Batumi, Himshiashvili, Bagrationi, Agmashenebeli, Javakhishvili, Tamar, Boni-Gorodok.

Общий вид на фонтан Нептуна в Батуми ночью

In the photo: A general view of the Neptune Fountain in Batumi at night.

Distance from Batumi to the nearest cities and attractions

  • The distance from Batumi to the Botanical Garden (Green Cape) is 9 km
  • Distance from Batumi to Gonio Cross - 17 km
  • Distance from Batumi to the Turkish border (Sarpi) - 19 km
  • The distance from Batumi to the Goderdzi Ski Resort is 109 km
  • The distance from Batumi to Kutaisi Airport is 115 km.
  • Distance from Batumi to Svaneti (Mestia) - 263 km
  • The distance from Batumi to Tbilisi is 356 kilometers
  • Distance from Batumi to the border with Russia (Upper Lars) - 479 km
Поезд Stadler в Грузии

In the photo: Stadler train in Georgia

Climate and weather

Batumi has a humid subtropical climate according to the Köppen classification. The climate of the city is strongly influenced by the coastal runoff of the Black Sea and nearby hills and mountains, which leads to a significant amount of precipitation during most of the year, which makes Batumi the wettest city both in Georgia and in the entire Caucasus.

The average annual temperature in Batumi is about 14°C (57°F). January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 7°C (45°F). August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 22°C (72°F). The absolute minimum recorded temperature is -6°C (21°F), and the absolute maximum is 40°C (104°F).

The number of days with daytime temperatures above 10°C (50°F) is 239. There are 1958 hours of sunshine a year in the city.

The average annual precipitation in Batumi is 2435 mm (95.9 inches). November is the wettest month, with an average of 312 mm (12.3 inches) of precipitation, and May is the driest, with an average of 84 mm (3.3 inches). A significant amount of snow usually does not fall in Batumi, and the number of days with snow cover in a year is 12. The average level of relative humidity ranges from 70 to 80%.

Озеро Нуригели в Батуми в снегу - 1.jpeg

In the photo: Nurigeli Lake in the snow (Park on May 6, Batumi).

Natural attractions

  • Parks: Botanical Garden, Japanese Garden, Batumi Boulevard, Park on May 6.
  • Rivers: Chorokhi, Medzhinistskali, Korolistskali, Bartskana.
  • Mountains: Argo, Anaria, Gonio, Mtirala.
  • Lakes: Ardagani, Nurigel.
  • The Black Sea

For more natural monuments and places to relax, see the catalogues "Gardens, parks and squares of Batumi" and "Observation decks and towers of Batumi".


Batumi is a tourist and cultural center of Georgia, which attracts the attention of travelers from all over the world, and it is also a city with an interesting centuries—old history. Its foundation dates back to the period of the formation of an ancient settlement by the tribes of the Colchians on the site of the Greek colony “Batus”, located on the coast of Colchis.

Batumi was first mentioned in the Georgian chronicles of the 1540s, when the eastern shore of the Black Sea in the Imereti Kingdom belonged to the Gurieli princes. During the Interregnum under the rule of the Abashidze princes, the city was a small fortified settlement.

Флаг Батуми.png

In the photo: The flag of Batumi.

In the XVII century, the Batumi fortress was conquered by the Turkish-Ottoman army, and the region became part of the Ottoman Empire. It is known that at that time there was also a fortress of Tamara, which is located north of Batumi, it was there that the Turkish administration lived.

The Greeks had a special influence on the development of the urban settlement, it was under them that stone houses and mosques appeared. During the archaeological excavations, ethnographic exhibits of applied art were found, including the famous ancient Greek amphorae. Marking their success in urban planning, the Greeks built the first Orthodox church in Batumi — the Church of St. Nicholas, which has survived to this day.

Герб Батуми.jpeg

In the photo: Coat of Arms of Batumi.

In 1878, the city passed into the possession of the Russian Empire, during this period it began to develop and became one of the main ports on the Asian-European border.

After the end of the First World War, the neighborhood of the city passed to the Georgian Democratic Republic. In Soviet times, the Adjara region received the status of an autonomous republic with its capital in Batumi.

Famous people born in Batumi

Batumi, a city with a rich cultural history, is the birthplace of many famous personalities, including:

  1. Valery Meladze is a well-known singer, producer and TV presenter who has gained wide fame thanks to his talent and contribution to the music industry.
  2. Konstantin Meladze is a talented composer and music producer, known for his numerous hits and successful musical projects.
  3. Irakli Kvirikadze is a screenwriter, film director and teacher who has made a significant contribution to cinematography and education.
  4. Eleonora Shashkova is a theater and film actress, known for her bright and memorable roles.
Батумский многопрофильный родильный дом

In the photo: Batumi multidisciplinary maternity hospital.


The name of the inhabitants: batumtsy, batumets, batumka.

The population of Batumi, as a municipality, has been showing constant growth over the past decades:

  • As of January 1, 2020, the city's population was 169,095 people.
  • At the time of the 2014 census, 152,839 people lived in the city.
  • As of January 1, 2014, the population reached 161.2 thousand people.
  • As of January 1, 2012, before the expansion of the city, the population was 125.8 thousand people.
  • As of January 1, 2004, 120.2 thousand inhabitants lived in the city.
  • According to the 2002 census, there were 121,806 inhabitants in Batumi.
  • The 1989 census showed a population of 136,609.

Historically, the population of Batumi has also been growing:

  • In 1926, the population was 45 thousand people.
  • In 1939 — 70 thousand people.
  • By 1970 — 101 thousand people.

In the photo: Children in national Georgian costumes.

The ethnic composition of the population of Batumi according to the 2014 census is as follows:

  • Georgians: 142,691 people (93.36%)
  • Armenians: 4,636 people (3.03%)
  • Russians: 2,889 people (1.89%)
  • Ukrainians: 628 people (0.41%)
  • Greeks: 289 people (0.19%)
  • Azerbaijanis: 269 people (0.18%)
  • Abkhazians: 229 people (0.15%)
  • Assyrians: 131 people (0.09%)
  • Yezidis: 76 people (0.05%)
  • Ossetians: 71 people (0.05%)
  • Jews: 71 people (0.05%)
  • Others: 859 people (0.56%)
грузинский танец.jpeg

In the photo: Georgian dance in national costumes.


Batumi has a predominantly Orthodox population, but the city is also home to many other religious communities, including Muslims, Catholics, the Armenian Apostolic Church, as well as Yezidis and Jews. This diversity of religions is reflected in the presence of many temples throughout the city.

List of religious attractions in Batumi:

  • Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  • Holy Trinity Church and Monastery on Mount Sameba
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos
  • Greek Church of St. Nicholas
  • Batumi Synagogue
  • Orta Jami Mosque

For more religious buildings and monuments, see the catalogues "Churches and Cathedrals Batumi" and "Batumi Mosques".

Храм Святого Николая в Батуми

In the photo: St. Nicholas Church in Batumi

Authorities and infrastructure

Batumi, a city in Georgia, is located in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and is the administrative center of the municipality of Batumi. The mayor of the city since November 22, 2021 is Archil Chikovani.

The House of Justice provides citizens with high-quality and prompt receipt of a wide range of public services within the framework of the "one window" concept. This name reflects the affiliation of the institution to the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Despite this, the services of not only justice, but also other authorities are available in the House of Justice.

Дом Юстиции в Батуми

In the photo: The House of Justice in Batumi.

Consulates and embassies

  • Consulate In Turkey
  • Honorary Consulate of Ukraine
  • Consulate General of Azerbaijan
  • Consulate of Estonia
  • Armenian Consulate

For more information, see the catalog "Consulates, embassies and diplomatic missions of Batumi".

Post offices

See even more in the directory "Post offices of Batumi".

почта грузии.png

In the photo: A postcard with the logo of the Georgian Post.

Useful phone numbers and contacts:

  • Phone code: +995 422
  • Postal code: 6000, 6010, 6004
  • Unified telephone number for ambulance, police, fire and gas services: 112
  • Batumi Airport: +995 422 23 51 00
  • Georgian Foreign Ministry hotline: +995 32 294 50 50 or +995 595 88 38 12
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, shared rooms: +995 32 294 50 00
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (Department of International Law) +995 32 294 50 00 — ext.2004
  • Georgian Border Police +995 32 241 42 42
  • On border crossing issues +995 32 226 11 12
Полиция Грузии

In the photo: Georgian Police.

Economy and trade

Batumi turned into a significant port after the construction of the Baku—Batumi railway and the connection with Baku by pipeline, which contributed to its role in the trade of petroleum products. In the past, the city was known for its large industrial plants, but the modern economy of Batumi is mainly focused on tourism. The seaport remains the key industrial facility, and only a brewery operates in the city from the production enterprises.

There are various banks and many currency exchange offices in the city (most of them do not even require a passport).

If you are looking for a better place to go shopping, we advise you to pay attention to the catalog page where all the outlets of the city "Shopping centers and shops of Batumi" are collected.


Batumi has an international airport and a railway station "Batumi Central", providing communication with Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia. Although a trolleybus system operated in the city from 1977 to 2005, now public transport is represented by fixed-route taxis (Yandex Taxi, Maxim, Bolt) and municipal buses.

In addition, the Argo cable car operates in Batumi.

For tourists in Batumi, yacht and boat trips along the coast are available, including the possibility of swimming in the sea.

Education and culture

Batumi is an educational and cultural center with various educational and cultural institutions. In 2021, UNESCO recognized Batumi as the "City of Music", including it in the network of creative cities. There are also 20 schools and 21 kindergartens in the city. In addition to State educational institutions, there are also private schools and private kindergartens.


You can view all educational institutions for both children and adults on the page of the catalog "Education and Science in Batumi".

Университетский фонтан на батумской набережной напротив БГУ - 3.jpeg

In the photo: Fountain in front of Shota Rustaveli University in Batumi.


For a complete list of expositions and exhibition halls, see the Batumi Museums catalogue.

Музей искусств в Батуми

In the photo: Museum of Art in Batumi.

Where to watch movies and performances?

See even more theater studios and private cinemas in the catalog "Theatres and Cinemas of Batumi".

Памятник Илье Чавчавадзе возле Батумского драматического театра - 3.jpeg

In the photo: Monument to Ilya Chavchavadze near the Batumi Drama Theater.

Architecture and landmarks

The architectural appearance of Batumi reflects its historical heritage and modern trends, creating a unique combination of tradition and innovation. The cityscape includes both well-preserved historical buildings and modern architectural structures, demonstrating the dynamic development of the city. A walk through the streets of the city reveals a variety of styles: from classical to avant-garde, creating a special atmosphere where each corner has its own unique history and character. This symbiosis of old and new makes Batumi not only a center of cultural heritage, but also an example of modern urban development.

Sculptures and fountains

For a complete list of small architectural forms, see the catalog "Monuments, statues and fountains of Batumi".

Скульптура %22Glow%22 на Новом Бульваре - 2.jpeg

In the photo: The sculpture "Shine" on New Boulevard in Batumi.

City parks

Where else you can go for a picnic in Batumi, see the catalog “Gardens, parks and squares of Batumi”.

Парк возле Площади Европы в Батуми - 3.jpeg

In the photo: Park near Europe Square.

Observation platforms and towers

Where else you can get an excellent view of Batumi, look in the catalog “Observation platforms and towers of Batumi”.

Башня ЧаЧа ночью

In the photo: Chachi Tower with night illumination.

Architectural monuments

See the continuation in the catalog "Architectural Sights of Batumi".

Колоннада в парке 6 мая - 3.jpeg

In the photo: Colonnade in the park on May 6.

Street art

You can continue your acquaintance with graffiti and mosaics in the catalog “Street art, murals and mosaics of Batumi”.

Мурал "Хвича Кварацхелия" - 2.jpeg

In the photo: Mural "Khvicha Kvaratskhelia" on the building of BSU.


Sport in Batumi occupies an important place in the life of the city, manifested in a variety of sports institutions and events. Football is particularly popular and the local football club often participates in national and international competitions. In addition, sports such as basketball, volleyball, rugby and tennis are actively developing in Batumi.

Теннисный клуб Батуми 06

In the photo: Tennis courts in Batumi.

The city has well-equipped sports facilities, including stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts and fitness centers, which are available to both professional and amateur athletes. Batumi regularly hosts various sports competitions, including marathons and sports festivals, which helps to promote a healthy lifestyle among the local population.

The city's seaside also offers ideal conditions for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and beach volleyball, attracting locals and tourists alike.


In the photo: participants of the Batumi running club


Batumi offers tourists a wide range of entertainment and activities. The city is known for its water activities, including boating and water sports. Tourist excursions in Batumi range from visits to waterfalls and medieval bridges to excursions to a wine house and exploration of ancient fortress ruins.

The cultural life of the city is also rich and varied. Batumi is home to a drama theatre, a cinema, as well as many cafes and restaurants offering both traditional Georgian and international cuisine.

Ночной вид на Новый летний театр в Батуми

In the photo: Night view of the summer theater in Batumi.

When it comes to accommodation, Batumi has a variety of options, from budget hotels to luxury resorts, catering to the varying needs and budgets of tourists.

In the fall of 2022, Batumi was recognized as the "Fastest Growing Tourist Destination in Europe" and awarded the World Travel Awards, confirming its status as an important tourist destination.

The best beaches of Batumi

You can see where else to swim and sunbathe in Batumi here “Batumi beaches on the map”.

Галечный пляж возле разрушенного пирса - 3.jpeg

In the photo: Sunset on a pebble beach in Batumi.

Cuisine, food and drink

The cuisine of Batumi reflects the rich cultural heritage of the city and Adjara as a whole, combining traditional Georgian dishes with local characteristics. The basis of the local cuisine is fresh, natural products, including seafood, meat, vegetables, cheeses and spices.

Adjarian khachapuri, known for its characteristic boat shape and combination of cheese, egg and butter, is especially popular in Batumi. Seafood also figures prominently in local cuisine, reflecting the city's proximity to the Black Sea. Other popular dishes include kebabs, a variety of salads with vegetables and nuts, and legume dishes such as lobio.

Фасоль в горшочке (лобио)

In the photo: Beans in a pot (lobio).

Drinks in Batumi also deserve special attention. Traditional Georgian wines, made using unique methods, are very popular, as well as chacha, a local strong alcoholic drink. Tea and coffee are also widely available, reflecting local traditions and tastes.

Cafes and restaurants in Batumi offer a variety of both traditional Georgian cuisine and international dishes, allowing visitors to enjoy a wide range of tastes and aromas.

If you are looking for a tasty snack in Batumi, we recommend that you pay attention to the Madloba catalog page, which contains all the food establishments in the city - from restaurants to fast food - "Where to eat in Batumi".

8Грузинская кухня.jpg

In the photo: Adjarian khachapuri, khinkali and kharcho.


Accommodation in Batumi offers visitors to the city a unique combination of old and new, traditional and modern. The city's hotel sector offers a variety of accommodation options, from historic hotels that retain the spirit of the past to modern resorts and boutique hotels with cutting-edge amenities.

It is also possible to rent apartments or guest houses in Batumi, which offer a more homely and personal atmosphere. These options are particularly suitable for longer stays or for those who prefer a more self-contained living experience.

Overall, accommodation in Batumi will satisfy a variety of tastes and needs, allowing every traveler to find exactly the right fit for their ideal holiday.

If you are looking for where to stay during a visit to the city of Batumi, we recommend that you pay attention to the page where all the hotels, hostels and guest houses are collected - “Where to live in Batumi”.

Бассейн гостиницы Sheraton в Батуми

In the photo: Swimming pool of the Sheraton hotel in Batumi.

Entertainment and relaxation

In Batumi, every tourist will find something to their liking, thanks to a wide range of entertainment and recreational facilities that harmoniously combine historical heritage and modern trends. The city is famous for its picturesque embankment, historical center with narrow streets, as well as unique architectural attractions that create a unique image of Batumi. Botanical gardens and parks offer peace and natural beauty, while museums and theaters immerse visitors in the city's cultural atmosphere.

Водопад Махунцети

In the photo: Makhuntseti waterfall near Batumi.

Batumi is also known for its food and wine tours, which reveal the gastronomic riches of the region. For lovers of active recreation, a variety of water sports and yacht trips are available. Batumi's nightlife with its bars and clubs provides an opportunity to enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of the city. Thus, Batumi offers a unique experience that combines leisure, culture and adventure, suitable for all types of travelers.

Where to go with children in Batumi?

Колесо обозрения в Батуми

In the photo: Ferris wheel in Miracle Park, Batumi.

City nightlife

Ночной клуб Aura Disco в Батуми

In the photo: Aura Disco night club in Batumi.


Healthcare in Batumi includes both public and private medical institutions offering a variety of medical services. It is important for foreigners to have health insurance as it may cover the costs of treatment. The city has ambulance services and numerous pharmacies.

Where to go for medical help

See even more organizations in the field of health and personal care in the “Medicine and Beauty in Batumi” catalog.

Салон красоты %22LAKmousse Beauty Bar%22 в Батуми - 11.jpeg

In the photo: Interior of the beauty salon "LAKmousse Beauty Bar" in Batumi.

Features of life in Batumi

Life in Batumi has its own unique features, which are important to consider for both local residents and tourists. The city is famous for its warm climate, which is especially pleasant in winter, when snow is rare. This makes Batumi a great place for those who prefer mild winters. However, due to its proximity to the sea, it often rains during the winter months, and high humidity can cause mold problems in homes. In this case, it is important to ensure good ventilation and regularly ventilate the premises.

Batumi is attractive for its geographical location, because it is easy to combine a seaside holiday with hiking in the mountains. But you should remember the local characteristics of housing. Frequent unauthorized construction can lead to non-standard and unexpected architectural solutions, which gives the city its individuality, but can sometimes raise safety issues.

Гора Гонио - 5.jpeg

In the photo: View from the top of Mount Gonio.

The problem of stray dogs, as in many cities, is also relevant here, so you should be vigilant while walking. Additionally, driving in the city can be challenging due to local traffic patterns, so drivers should be especially alert and careful.

Overall, Batumi offers a unique combination of cultural diversity, natural beauty and vibrant urban life, making it an attractive place to visit and live.

Interesting facts about Batumi

Batumi, a unique city with a rich history and culture, has several interesting facts that make it especially attractive:

  1. Literary heritage: The city is mentioned in classical Soviet literature. For example, in the novel “The Twelve Chairs,” Father Fyodor, one of the main characters, finally finds an engineer and chairs from General Popova’s suite in Batumi.
  2. Cinematic Fame: Batumi has served as a filming location for several famous films. Among them are “Love and Doves” and fragments of the film “The Fifteen-Year-Old Captain.”
  3. Poetic inspiration: Sergei Yesenin wrote a poem dedicated to this city, emphasizing its cultural significance.
  4. International recognition: The 1943 American film Journey Into Fear, starring Orson Welles, sets its final scenes in Soviet Batumi, indicating international interest in the city.

Photos of the city of Batumi

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