Beauty salon " Melange on 72 Paliashvili Street"

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Beauty salon "Melange on Paliashvili St. 72" in Tbilisi is a cozy space dedicated to beauty and appearance care. Specializing in a variety of beauty services, from haircuts and hair coloring to professional skin care, the salon offers clients a full range of treatments to enhance their individual beauty.

The atmosphere of the salon creates a special harmony and comfort, which allows visitors to relax and enjoy the process of self-care. Qualified salon specialists follow the latest trends in the world of beauty, using innovative techniques and high-quality products.

The salon's opening hours satisfy even the busiest schedules, providing the opportunity to schedule services at a time convenient for the client. Located at st. Paliashvili 72, the salon is easily accessible and provides convenience for residents and visitors of Tbilisi.

The organization "Melange on Paliashvili St. 72" strives not only to provide high-quality services, but also to create a pleasant experience for its clients, focusing on the individual needs and preferences of each visitor. This beauty salon is the ideal choice for those looking for professional care and a stylish update to their appearance in Tbilisi.

ул. Закария Палиашвили, 72 , Тбилиси, Грузия
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Ежедневно 10:00-20:00

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