Capron Podologie Georgia Medical Center

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If an orthopedic doctor has diagnosed problems with the foot and recommended ordering orthopedic insoles, then you should contact a specialist such as a podologist.

A podologist at the Capron Podologie Georgia Medical Center in the Vake-Saburtalo district, Nutsubidze Plateau, 2nd microdistrict, 1st block, Building 7 will perform hardware diagnostics of the feet on modern equipment of the French brand Capron Podologie.

An impression of the foot will be made based on the image and individual orthopedic insoles will be made that accurately repeat the relief of the foot. A second visit will not be required, since the manufacture of the insole takes about half an hour. Capron Podologie insoles have proven themselves well in sports medicine, in adults and children with flat feet and other orthopedic problems.

Complete normalization of the child's foot excludes problems with the spine in the future.

0183, Tbilisi, Vake-Saburtalo District, Nutsubidze Plateau II m/d 1 Q., 7 Bldg Surrounding
Work schedule

Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 19:00

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