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Art Gallery of Modern Fine Art of Ozurgeti

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The Art Gallery in Ozurgeti holds daily exhibitions of works by local artists, demonstrating the national identity and cultural values of Georgia. The state actively supports the work of the cultural center, and also directs financial resources for the development of the exhibition hall and creative workshop.

For many years, the gallery's activities have been aimed exclusively at supporting the Ozurgeti fine art, but recently the center has hosted symposiums and conferences with the participation of foreign artists. Over the 25 years of the gallery's work, 100 individual, 150 group and 50 exchange exhibitions have been held.

An online gallery is available to visitors of the cultural center, the fund of which has more than 200 exhibits. Particular attention should be paid to the works of artists Gudiashvili, Malazonia, Gia Bugadze, Gia Gugushvili and George Kalandadze.

6 Shota Rustaveli str., Ozurgeti, Georgia
Work schedule

Everyday, except Saturday & Sunday, 10.00 – 18.00

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2 reviews
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    Художественная галерея в Озургети ежедневно радует посетителей выставками местных художников, демонстрируя культурное наследие Грузии. Здесь представлены три зала: первый - сменяющиеся выставки, второй - работы художников на продажу, и третий - постоянная коллекция

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    Тут есть сразу три зала. В первом зале, вход 1 лари, там выставка художников, которая сменяется, но картины не продаются. В центре картины на продажу, стоимость 20, 40, 100 и выше лари. И третья, постоянная выставка.