Content manager for filling the MADLOBA website

To help improve and fill the site, we are looking for an employee (s) for a permanent position (remote work).

Website subject: Tourist portal-reference book about Georgia

Link to the website

Task list:

Adding (editing) all types of content to the site in three languages (Russian by default, Georgian and English via translator):

organization cards



questions and answers


adding new pages

adding new categories, etc.

Instructions for working with the admin panel of the site, training materials, rules for posting content, videos are provided. Personal consultations on the implementation of tasks with a curator are also possible.


full Internet access

availability of a working computer and peripherals

a confident PC user (at an average level)

understanding of the structure of sites (categories, tags, articles)

ability to work with Google tables

high productivity, attentiveness, pedantry

to be in touch according to the approved schedule

The plus will be:

experience in writing texts

knowledge of how to work with GPT (creating (generating) descriptions of organizations)

If the candidate prefers quiet work at home, instead of constant movement and communication, and has the ability to concentrate and persevere, this will be an advantage for this position.

Payment: piecework-premium;

We are discussing the schedule.

Interested in a vacancy?

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