Travel to antiquity: rest in Tsikhisdziri. A five-star hotel, a boarding house for the blind and the cost of living.

The village of Tsikhisdziri can definitely be attributed to the most beautiful places in Georgia! The resort, which is located near the ruins of the ancient Byzantine fortress of Petra. Wild picturesque nature, the spirit of the past centuries and a modern oasis in the form of a five-star hotel will help you relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city.

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At the ruins of the ancient Byzantine fortress of Petra, 15 km from Batumi lies the inconspicuous village of Tsikhisdziri. Tsikhisdziri has been in existence since 1926. The name of the village translates as "under the fortress" or under the "rock".

Tsikhisdziri is famous not only for its fortress, but also for its wild, picturesque beach, overhung by a cliff with a five-star hotel Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness Resort. There is also an inconspicuous, but quite popular among the local population sanatorium with healing salt baths.

The village of Tsikhisdziri is known not only in Georgia, but also far beyond its borders.

Tsikhisdziri Beach

The picturesque pebble beach is located at the very foot of the cliff, so it is not visible from the hotel at all. He is wild, despite the fact that the hotel treats him to itself. On advertising posters, the hotel advertises the beach as part of itself, but this is not the case, coming to this beach, you should stock up on all beach accessories in advance.

The beach is accessible to everyone. It is also necessary to monitor safety, as there is a strong current near the beach. It is very dangerous, and there are no rescue services here, so you can't swim far. Children should be kept close to you at all.

There are two ways to get here:

  1. From the hotel you can go down the steps to the beach itself or take a small funicular.
  2. You can walk through the forest along a paved path that starts near the boarding house.

On the beach there is a picturesque little waterfall that flows directly into the sea. Here you will also find a huge stone that looks like an arch. The local population often arranges wedding ceremonies on this beach.

Пляж в Цихисдзири

Peter's Fortress

The main attraction of the resort remains the Byzantine fortress of Peter. Although today only ruins, towering walls and turrets remain of it. Tourists come here for the sake of beautiful photos. The fortress impresses with its splendor and beauty, walks along the green corridors and stone walls will not leave you indifferent.

This fortress was built in 535 by order of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. The citadel has changed its owners more than once. The first to take Peter's Fortress were the Persians. King Khosrow I captured the fortress during the Lazian War in the period from 541 to 562. In 549, the unsuccessful capture of the fortress by Byzantine troops consisting of 7,000 people took place. In the future, the Byzantine troops still returned the fortress and destroyed it so that it would not fall to the enemies. In its lifetime, the castle has seen many battles, including witnessing the Russian-Turkish war. When the Ottoman Empire fell, Adjara came under the control of the Russian Empire.

Вид на крепость Петра

In Soviet times, it was decided to create a lemonary in the ruins of Petra. Citrus fruits were grown here until Georgia became independent.

Today, the walls of the castle, after a large number of years, are also visible well. The ruins of Petra occupy an area of about two hectares of land.

During the excavations, an ancient tomb was discovered in the castle, a large crystal stone framed in gold was found here. You can see this find in the Hermitage, where it is kept to this day.

The citadel consists of tiers. They rise from the main entrance to the center. The panorama of the castle conveys very well the structure of the ancient building, which rushes up in tiers. In the center of the fortress you can see a metal cross mounted on the peak itself. From here you can see the area all the way to Kobuleti at a distance of 5 km .

Peter's Fortress is still a favorite object of research by archaeologists and historians. Today the castle is an architectural and archaeological museum-reserve and is called "Peter's Fortress". This place preserves the spirit of antiquity.

Holidays in Tsikhisdziri

Tsikhisdziri is located near the famous Georgian resort. Civilization has not reached the village, but 8 km from it is the Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness Resort, popular among tourists. The hotel attracts travelers with its presentable appearance and comfortable conditions, as well as picturesque views opening from it. Despite this, there is still a boarding house for the blind. It was built during the Soviet Union.

The boarding house is particularly popular among Georgians, despite its unremarkable appearance. Not only visually impaired people can stay here, but also ordinary tourists, and it should be noted that many travelers also prefer this boarding house to a hotel. It has the opportunity to improve your health with the help of salt baths. Again, the price of the boarding house is significantly inferior to the Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness Resort.

To get to these picturesque places, you will have to drive 20 km from the city of Batumi. If you want to get to a boarding house for the blind, then worry about booking seats in advance.

Отель в Цихисдзири

Castle over the sea

The castle on the rock has not always been here. Skarzhinsky's dacha, built here in Soviet times, stood on this place. Then the building was transferred to a multi-bed boarding house. The building of the boarding house "Nauka" had become dilapidated over a century and was no longer subject to reconstruction. In 2004 it was destroyed.

The new building began construction in 2009. The hotel is famous for its views and the fact that it is located on top of a cliff, at the foot of which there are pebble beaches. The height above sea level is 24 m . The castle above the sea, as it is called in another way, is created with the latest technology. There is everything for a comfortable, full and memorable stay. The hotel is chosen by the most affluent travelers who are accustomed to relax with maximum comfort.

The castle is a snow-white multi-storey mansion with balconies, terraces and a spire on the roof. There is an unusual clock with the appearance of a peacock tail and made in the technique of stained glass.

Дорожка в пансионате в Цихисдзири

Prices for rooms that can be booked here start from 9,877 rubles.

Hotel Room: +995 591 38 28 28 .

Ways to get to the hotel: taxi, transfer.

At an altitude of 24 m, on the top of the cliff there is an outdoor swimming pool, from which you can enjoy magnificent panoramas from Kobuleti to Batumi itself. It's worth telling about it. The pool is especially popular among vacationers. It is filled with seawater and is located in the shadow of the Victoria Building. Both in the afternoon and in the evening, this place is comfortable for an unforgettable vacation. There is also a SPA with an indoor pool, a medical center, an entertainment center, a bowling alley, an indoor parking lot and much more. In addition to recreation, weddings and conferences are held here.

In addition to the Victoria building, there are two more buildings here:

  • "Diana" is a ten–storey cottage built on stilts.
  • "Aphrodite" is a villa located in the bay.

Due to the complexity of the location and location, the shape of the building has many non-standard solutions.

The unusual location of the hotel will create for you a comfortable, unforgettable and truly magical vacation. This building will surprise you with its unusual location.

Корпус Афродита в пансионате Цихисдзири


Tsikhisdziri is a place where you can look into the eyes of antiquity and at the same time relax comfortably in modern conditions. Here you can feel the indescribable energy of sea beaches, sea air, fascinating views.

Here you can immerse yourself in the secrets of the oldest buildings and feel this spirit of antiquity. Visit the local attractions and you will want to come back here again.

Вид на крепость Петра в Батуми
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