Technical plan for real estate: requirements, purpose and order in Georgia

Find out the requirements for the technical plan for real estate in Georgia, its purpose and importance in registration and legal operations. Find out how to order a technical plan, including contacting a cadastral engineer or company, preparing the necessary documents and obtaining accurate information about the boundaries and characteristics of the property.


  1. What are the requirements for drawing up a technical plan
  2. What is the purpose and purpose of the technical plan? Why is it necessary?
  3. How and where to order a technical plan for real estate
  4. How to get a technical plan for real estate in Georgia
  5. Frequently asked questions
    1. ❓ Why do I need a technical plan of premises?
    2. ❓ What data does a technical plan of premises contain?
    3. ❓ How to order a technical plan of premises?
    4. ❓ How long does it take to prepare a technical floor plan?
    5. ❓ Can I create a technical plan of the premises myself?
    6. ❓ Can I use an old technical plan of the premises?
    7. ❓ How much does it cost to create a technical plan of the premises?

A technical plan is a document reflecting detailed information about real estate registered in the Unified State Register and intended for cadastral registration. It contains all the necessary information for the construction, demolition or modification of objects, as well as for the registration of property rights.

Let's take a look at the requirements for a technical plan, in what situations it must be provided and where the relevant information can be obtained.

What are the requirements for creating a technical plan

The requirements for the creation of a plan include the use of an electronic format, which includes two main parts: text and graphic.

Only a cadastral engineer with the appropriate qualification certificate is authorized to draw up a technical plan. He personally certifies the document with a digital signature, so he bears full responsibility for possible errors in the plan - from suspension to the imposition of significant fines or even criminal liability.

What is the purpose and purpose of a technical plan? Why is it necessary?

  • To register a house under construction for cadastral registration, it is necessary to take into account all the requirements of the law. Each real estate object is assigned a unique number, and the owner is issued a cadastral passport. Without this document, it is impossible to sell the object, formalize ownership or register as a resident.
  • Cadastral registration has several important functions. First, it provides accurate and reliable information about the real estate, its boundaries and characteristics. This helps to avoid disputes and ambiguities related to the ownership and use of land and buildings. Secondly, cadastral registration is the basis for state registration of title to real estate.
  • Documents confirming cadastral information play a key role in the registration of title to real estate. They include a technical passport, which establishes the technical characteristics of the building and land plot. Such a passport is necessary when selling or dividing property, as well as when transferring premises from residential to non-residential use.
  • In addition, cadastral documents can play an important role in legal proceedings related to real estate. If there are disputes about ownership, plot boundaries or other cadastral data, the cadastral passport and other documents can serve as important evidence in court.
  • Another important reason to contact the cadastre is redevelopment. If you plan to make changes to the layout of the building or redevelopment of premises, you will need to obtain the appropriate authorization and make changes to the cadastral records.
  • Sometimes there may be errors in the Rosreestr database concerning real estate. For example, a house that was built a long time ago may be incorrectly displayed on the cadastral map - its location is not indicated in the place where it is actually located. In such a case, it is impossible to sell the house or apartment, and it is necessary to order a new technical plan to correct the error in the database.

In addition to the above situations, cadastral registration may be required in other cases. For example, in real estate transactions, when it is necessary to check the legality and reliability of information about a land plot or a building.

In general, cadastral registration plays an important role in ensuring transparency and reliability of real estate transactions. It helps to protect the interests of owners and prevent possible disputes and inconsistencies in the legal regime of real estate objects.

How and where to order a technical plan for real estate

Technical plan for real estate is an important document necessary for real estate registration and other legal operations in Georgia. This plan contains information about the boundaries of the plot, its area, location of buildings and structures, as well as other technical characteristics of the real estate object.

There are several possible options for ordering a technical plan in Georgia. Let's consider the main ones.

State institutions:

In Georgia, the main state agency responsible for cadastral information and issuing a technical plan is the National Agency for Cadastre and Geodesy (NAPR). To order a technical plan, you can contact your local NAPR office or visit their official website. The NAPR website provides information on the required documents and the procedure for ordering a technical plan. You can also find contact information and addresses of NAPR offices across the country on the website.

Private companies:

There are a number of private companies in Georgia specializing in cadastral services and preparation of technical plans for real estate. These companies usually have experience in this field and can offer a wide range of services related to cadastral information. When choosing a private company, it is recommended to pay attention to its reputation, work experience and professional skills of the cadastral engineer who will be engaged in drawing up the technical plan.

Cadastral engineer:

A cadastral engineer is a specialist who has the necessary knowledge and qualifications to draw up a technical plan. There are cadastral engineers in Georgia who work independently and can be hired to perform this task. A cadastral engineer can draw up a technical plan based on cadastral information and make the necessary measurements on the ground. When choosing a cadastral engineer, it is recommended to pay attention to his work experience, qualifications and availability of a license to perform cadastral works.

When ordering a technical plan for real estate in Georgia, you should take into account several important points. First, make sure that the selected state institution, private company or cadastral engineer has the necessary licenses and permits to perform cadastral works. This guarantees the quality and legality of the services rendered.

Secondly, clarify the cost of the service and the terms of execution of the technical plan. Usually the cost of the plan depends on the complexity of the real estate object and the required amount of work. The terms of execution may vary depending on the workload of the selected contractor.

How to get a technical plan for real estate in Georgia

1.Provide an opportunity to conclude a contract with a cadastral engineer, a private company or a state organization. To do this, arrange an appointment and make an application for a technical plan.

2.Draw up a set of documents for the real estate. Usually required:

  • passport;
  • documents confirming ownership of the property, including a boundary plan;
  • project documentation for the object.

Depending on the purpose of the technical plan, additional documents may be required:

  • Permission for redevelopment, if changes in load-bearing structures are planned;
  • a building permit for the construction of the object and a resolution on the assignment of an address, if you intend to put the new house into operation.

You may also need a technical passport if it was drawn up before January 1, 2013.

3.Wait for the specialist to check the documents: availability and authenticity. If any certificates are missing, you will have to obtain and provide them.

4.Have an engineer come to the site to take measurements of the property. He must examine the plot, apartment or building, and obtain information about the boundaries, area, floor, location of walls, partitions, door and window openings, stairs.

5.Wait for preparation of the technical plan by a cadastral engineer. It will be provided electronically on CD-disk, and also, at your request, will be printed on paper with a stamp and signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Why do I need a technical plan of the premises?

✅ The technical plan of the premises is necessary to determine the size and features of the premises, for legal protection in real estate transactions and to prevent disputes.

❓ What data does the technical plan of the premises contain?

✅ The plan indicates the dimensions of the premises, location of walls, windows, doors, as well as the presence of communications (electricity, water, sewerage) and other structural features.

❓ How to order a technical plan of the premises?

✅ To order a plan, contact a licensed surveyor or architect specializing in this field. They will take measurements and draw up the plan for you.

❓ How long does it take to complete a floor plan?

✅ The time it takes to draw up a plan depends on the complexity and size of the room. It usually takes a few days to a week.

❓ Can I create a technical plan of the premises myself?

✅ It is recommended to contact professionals, as accurate and legally relevant plan preparation requires specialized knowledge and experience in geodesy and architecture.

❓ Can I use an old technical plan of the premises?

✅ It is advisable to update the technical plan, as there may be changes to the premises over time that are not reflected in the old plan.

❓ What is the cost of drawing up a technical plan of the premises?

✅ The cost of drawing up a plan depends on the complexity of the premises and the region. It is recommended to contact a professional to clarify the cost.

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