House Museum of Rafael Eristavi

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The famous writer, publicist and playwright Rafael Eristavi was born in 1824 in Kakheti in the village of Kistauri. The national poet described the life and customs of the people with exquisite skill in poems, short stories, plays and ethnographic essays.

Eristavi's poems “Flower", “Instruction" and “Morning" are particularly famous. In 1895, Georgia celebrated a national holiday in honor of the writer, at that time he was widely popular among Georgians.

It was in the residential house of Father Rafael that the memorial museum was formed in 1951, on the date of the 50th anniversary of the death of the playwright. The museum fund stores documentary data about the life and work of the publicist, first editions of books, samples of applied art, personal notes, developments and letters. It is worth paying attention to the photo album, household items, the interior of the house and the furnishings of the author's study.

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S. Kistauri, Georgia
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