Exhibition Hall of the Lado Gudiashvili Foundation

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The Exhibition Hall of the Lado Gudiashvili Foundation is located right in the center of Tbilisi, so you can get there without getting here.

The exhibition is open every day except Sundays and Mondays. Although the gallery is located in the center of the capital, there are few tourists here, so no one will stop you from enjoying the works of the most famous Georgian artist. Lado Gudiashvili wrote in an interesting and unusual Georgian style.

Mostly in the exhibition hall you will be able to see various portraits. But these are not ordinary portraits of one or more people. Each picture has a lot of interesting details and its own history is hidden, so looking at the picture for longer and longer, you will notice details that you did not notice when you first viewed it. Be sure to visit all tourists of the city!

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1 review
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  • Таисия
    Sept. 14, 2022

    Очень интересная выставка, все картины имеют свою историю и тайный смысл. Прогуливаясь между выставочных работ, незаметно погружаешься в те времена и атмосферу. Всем, кто хочет лучше узнать грузинскую культуру, стоит посетить зал фонда Ладо Гудиашвили в Тбилиси