Karmir Avetaran (Armenian Church of the Red Gospel)

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There are not so many Armenian churches in Tbilisi and Avetaran Church is one of them. The church is located almost in the center of the city, so you can easily get here by any type of transport. The church was built in the 17th century, but, unfortunately, it was destroyed.

There are many theories of resolution, but the official one is an earthquake. But even so, the architecture of the building will still be able to please your eye.

It is made of light brick and fits perfectly into the surrounding architecture of the city. There are many trees and bushes around the Avetaran Circus. Be sure to visit!

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1 review
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  • Ярослав
    Dec. 18, 2021

    Кармир Аветаран – это церковь 17 века остройки, которая находится в Тбилиси в районе Авлабари. Разрушена она была в 1989 году то ли в следствии землетрясения, то ли из-за взрыва в связи с массовыми протестами и беспорядками. Сегодня она так и остается в полуразрушенном состоянии. Как жаль, что мы теряем такие достопримечательности.