Three-day walking route to the lake of Black Rocks - sights of Georgia in Lagodekhi.

A three-day walking route to the Black Rocks Lake in Lagodekhi is replete with the most beautiful places in Georgia. Along the way you will see rare plants and birds, spend the night in a comfortable house for tourists...

In one of the valuable historical districts of Georgia there is a stunningly beautiful reservoir - Lake of Black Rocks. The most beautiful places of Georgia are concentrated around this lake. It is located at the junction of the borders between Georgia and Russia. This stunning natural wealth is located near the small lowland of Kavkasioni, at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level.

Due to the peculiar climatic and natural conditions, this reservoir can be visited only in the warm season or in the autumn season. The sights of Georgia are not only historical monuments, but also paths leading to natural monuments. The walking route leading to the Black Rocks Lake is one of the most beautiful paths. Passing through it, you will be able to enjoy the exquisite views of the Alazani Valley and mountain ranges.

How to get there and what to see?

Example of a tourist route.

Day 1. Tourist routes, as a rule, in this natural place begin from the territory of Lagodekhi. During the journey, after about 15 minutes, you will be able to enjoy the views of Georgia's unique cultural heritage - Hornbeam Grove. In another 40 minutes you will see the Lagodekhi ravine in front of you, and in 30 minutes a young Hornbeam grove and in another half hour you will reach the crest of the beech grove itself.

Going a little further, you will see the species of rare plants listed in the Red Book. You will also be able to enjoy the specially equipped accommodation for tourists "Meteo", which has a special place for cultural recreation.

Day 2. On the second day, you will be asked to continue along the Kochalo ridge.

After a while, you will find yourself in unique alpine meadows, where you can observe rare species of animals and birds (for example, chamois, mountain goat and deer, also capercaillie and eagle). You will also be able to climb the famous valley of mountain goats - “Demidovis Nashlebi".

After going all this way, it will seem to you that all that you have already seen is quite enough for one tourist day, but one of the most beautiful places in Georgia will open up before you - Lake of Black Rocks.

Озеро Черных скал в заповеднике Лагодехи

This natural monument belongs to the sights of Georgia, but this monument is located on the border not only with Georgia and the Russian Federation, but also near Dagestan. By the example of this tourist route, you will be able to enjoy the views of so many magnificent places.

Also for tourists near the Lake there is a place for a camp, where tourists can relax and enjoy the natural views. If you analyze the entire tourist route in more detail, then ... Day one - the distance that you will overcome is approximately 12 kilometers - from the territory of Lagodekhi to the tourist camp.

Day two - the distance that you will overcome is approximately 16 kilometers (tourist camp “Meteo" - lake of the Black Rock - camp “Demidovsky apartment"). Day three - the distance from the tourist camp “Demidovsky apartment” to the territory of Lagodekhi, takes about 15 kilometers.

Remember! If you are going to visit the Black Rocks Lakes, you should make sure that the border guards can register you at the place of stay - for this you need to have an identity card with you. The most beautiful places in Georgia are natural monuments.

The sights of Georgia are sometimes so amazing with their pristine beauty and grandeur that no tourist will remain indifferent!

Горная речка в национальном парке Лагодехи


  • bikteeva94
    Для любителей пеших прогулок стоит обратить внимание на это место - озеро Черных скал в Лагодехи! Здесь автор предлагает трехдневный маршрут, с описанием каждого дня! Самое главное, взять всё самое необходимое для такого похода! Имейте ввиду, что подобный вид отдыха подходит не для всех.
  • Ира Майборода
    Очень интересно, было бы узнать историю этого озера. Почему, называется озеро Черной Скалы?... связано ли это природными особенностями холм и гор, которые окружают озеро. Действительно, достопримечательности Грузии очень удивляют своей первозданной красотой и величием. Сохранить такую красоту дарованную природой, я думаю, это обязанность для наследия грузинского народа. Спасибо, за подробный туристический маршрут. Хочу поблагодарить автора на грузинском языке: «Мадлоба!»