Tbilisi must see - what to see for tourists in the capital of Georgia - top attractions in Tbilisi

In the article you will find out what interesting places a tourist should definitely see in Tbilisi: cultural and historical sights, natural landscapes, entertainment venues and city recreation parks. The best sights of the capital of Georgia in 2023. Top 27 interesting and fascinating tourist places in Tbilisi.

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We arrived in Tbilisi, but don't know where to go first? Madloba Travel Guide specially for you, I have collected the top 27 interesting sights of Tbilisi that every tourist must see!

Solar and the hospitable capital of Georgia he meets every traveler and wants to show him beautiful natural masterpieces and cultural monuments. Based on the reviews of vacationers from all over the world, Georgians and professional guides, a list of the best attractions was compiled.

The thousand-year-old Fortress of Narikala will delight every tourist

Крепость Нарикала в Тбилиси

A unique architectural complex, which includes Narikala Fortress, located on the mountain Mtatsminda in Tbilisi, it was built in the IV century. The fortress has two levels: upper and lower, it is believed that the latter was used as a defensive during the defense against raids. Some fragments of the fortress wall have been preserved on the lower tier. Narikala Fortress is considered one of the main sights of Georgia, therefore, tourists begin to recognize the glorious Tbilisi from it.

You can get to the fortress by cable car, a walk on its territory is absolutely free. From the height of the hill on which the fortress is located, there is an amazing view of the whole city, including the Kura River.

The incredible Rustaveli Avenue is ideal for walking

Проспект Руставели в Тбилиси

Rustaveli Central Avenue It occupies a special place in the hearts of tourists coming to Tbilisi. Dozens of ancient buildings with unique architecture, which contain a long history, are located on strolling street. Many buildings on the avenue are cultural monuments that once housed citizens of significance to Georgia. Both in ancient times and today, the secular and political life of Georgian society is concentrated on the avenue.

The total length of Rustaveli Avenue is 1.5 kilometers, which is quite enough for a busy, but at the same time, easy walk. During the walk, pay special attention to the State Parliament, the Kashveti Temple and the Vorontsov Palace.

The picturesque Old City of Tbilisi will welcome all guests of Georgia with warmth

Старый город Тбилиси

Feel the special the flavor of the Georgian capital best of all during a walk along the streets of the Old Town. Cozy winding streets that periodically lead to dead ends, old houses and architectural monuments definitely deserve your attention.

The old town is remembered for interesting sights, for example, sulfur baths, Metekhi Church and Freedom Square. Although this is a very small area, do not leave it for the last day of rest. I recommend it walk around the Old Town on the first day of your trip!

The majestic complex of Tsminda Sameba will amaze with its beauty

Монастырь Цминда Самеба

Tsminda Sameba is the main cathedral in Tbilisi, which impresses everyone with its greatness and extraordinary beauty. The temple is located in the historical district of Avlabar, so you can include its viewing in a walk through the Old Town. If you find yourself on the hill of St. Elijah, on which the temple of Tsminda Sameba is located, you can enjoy the panorama of the whole city.

Go to Tsminda Sameba Temple it is possible both during the day and in the evening, because because of the illumination the complex looks unusual and interesting. The complex includes a magnificent cathedral and monastery, as well as the residence of the patriarch. An interesting fact is that the funds for the construction of the complex were raised by volunteers.

Representative of Georgian architecture Metekhi Temple

Крепость Метехи в Тбилиси

The temple is located in the central district of Tbilisi on the Metekhi Rock, towering over the Mtkvari River. The Metekhi Temple is a striking example of temple architecture in the capital of Georgia, it is made strictly and concisely, without unnecessary decorations.

The temple has a long and tragic history: it was built in the XIII century, but it was destroyed several times. Afterwards Metekhi Temple it was restored to the state in which it was in the XVI century.

The oldest Zion Cathedral – the guardian of the Holy Cross Nino

Сионский собор в Тбилиси

The name Sioni means sunny in the Georgian manner, temples with this name have a special meaning in the Georgian Orthodox Church. The Zion Complex is located in the Old Town, on the banks of the Mtkvari River.

The cathedral was built around the 5th century. The main relic kept in the cathedral is the Holy Cross of Nino. On the site of the Zion complex is located not only Zion Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but also two beautiful bell towers.

The grandiose Monument Mother Kartli symbolizes the bravery and bravery of the Georgian people

Статуя Мать Картли в Тбилиси

The Greatest the cultural monument is located at the very top of the Sololaki hill, not far from the Narikala fortress. The height of the monument is 20 meters, so it can be seen from almost anywhere in the capital of Georgia.

Monument to the Mother of Kartli It symbolizes the readiness of the Georgian people to repel attacks and to receive friendly guests with an open heart full of kindness and hospitality. The monument was erected on a significant day for Tbilisi - the celebration of 1500 years of the city's existence.

The oldest Church in Tbilisi is Anchiskhati

Собор Анчисхати Тбилиси

Anchiskhati Church or the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary dates back to VI, it was built immediately after the transfer of the capital of Georgia from Mtskheta to Tbilisi. It is believed that this is the oldest preserved church in Tbilisi.

This cultural monument represents the embodiment of the Christian faith in Georgia, since the frescoes and the sanctuary with cult icons are most vividly represented in the church. By visiting the church today, you will not only be able to see the beautiful Christian relics, but also listen to the performances of the Georgian choir.

The legendary monument “History of Georgia” invites you to get acquainted with the history of the country

Ансамбль История Грузии Memorial History of Georgia 10.jpg

It is worth visiting the memorial “History of Georgia” at least for the sake of the fact that famous Georgian architects have been working on the creation of the complex for more than 20 years. The memorial consists of sixteen columns, each of which tells a legend or part of the history of Georgia. Complex History of Georgia It also includes a temple and beautiful statues of sages.

The famous Necropolis on Mtatsminda Mountain is the last refuge of famous Georgian figures

The Pantheon of prominent Figures of Georgia is located nearby near St. David 's Churches, you can get to it by funicular. The necropolis was opened in 1929 and dedicated to the centenary of Griboyedov's death. There is also the grave of Stalin's mother and the ashes of the first president in Georgia - Zviad Konstantinovich Gamsakhurdia, other great writers and national heroes.

Grave grave of the outstanding Georgian writer Vazha Pshavel, known under the pseudonym Luka Razikashvili, is considered to be one of the most famous graves of the pantheon. The poet of the XIX century is a recognized classic of Georgian literature. In his works he described the everyday life, customs and traditions of the highlanders.

The symbol of Friendship of Nations is a monument to the heroes of the film Mimino

Памятник героям фильма Мимино  Monument to Characters of Movie Mimino 2.jpg

This cultural object demonstrates harmony in relations between three countries: Russia, Georgia and Armenia. It was originally planned to open the monument in Moscow, but only 7 years ago the official opening of the monument took place in the central district of Tbilisi. The monument was created by the great Georgian muralist Zurab Tsereteli.

The Central Square of Tbilisi and the Monument of Freedom

Памятник Свободы  Freedom Monument 2.jpg

Freedom Square is located in the heart of Tbilisi and is one of the the oldest places in the capital of Georgia. The main avenue in the city - Shota Rustaveli leads to the square.

The most important buildings are located on the square public buildings for Tbilisi, for example, a bank, a hotel, restaurants, a shopping and entertainment center, as well as a tourist information office where you can get a map of the city for free. In the center of Freedom Square there is a column with a statue of St. George, whose height is 5 meters. The architect of this cultural monument is the famous Zurab Tsereteli.

Antique and colorful Flea market near the Dry Bridge

Блошиный рынок на сухом мосту в Тбилиси

Antique lovers should definitely go to the flea market, located near Dry Bridge, because there you can buy interesting and unique goods, for example, an old camera, Soviet literature and candlesticks. The selection of unique and unusual items of special historical value is really large. Don't forget to bargain at the flea market in Tbilisi!

The national treasure is kept in the Georgian State Museum

Национальный музей в Тбилиси

Museum in Tbilisi It was established at the end of 2004, and the preservation of the rich, authentic cultural heritage of the country gives every tourist an opportunity to feel the spirit of Georgia. The museum has many interesting exhibits: objects from the occupation period, traditional clothing, jewelry and even human skulls.

Do not delay visiting the museum until the last day of your trip, as numerous exhibition halls and various samples of the history of Georgia will help you learn everything you need about Georgia.

The culture of the Georgian people is best known in the Puppet Theater of Rezo Gabriadze

Театр Марионеток в Тбилиси

Hiking in the interesting Georgian natural landscape is best combined with a cultural program, for example, to attend a performance at the Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater, whose contribution to the culture of Georgia is difficult to overestimate. The Puppet Theater is known all over the world for its detailed elaboration of costumes and bright, rich plots that will appeal to viewers of all ages.

It is impossible to buy a ticket to the performance “day to day”, so take care of it in advance. If you can't get to the performance, then definitely stop by the building while walking around the old town and watch a free mini-performance on the roof of the theater.

Immerse yourself in the history of Georgia at the Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum

Тбилисский этнографический музей под открытым небом

Ethnographic Museum in Tbilisi embodies the traditional spirit of Georgia and its history. By visiting it, you will be able to see the national houses of Georgians, their way of life and tools. In addition, visitors are given the opportunity to taste a wonderful Georgian drink - wine of various varieties, and then buy the one they like. The museum is located outdoors, after visiting it, you can walk through the forest along Turtle Lake.

Cultural traditions are highlighted in the Georgian Opera and Ballet Theater. Paliashvili

Тбилисский государственный театр оперы и балета им. З. Палиашвили

Opera and Ballet Theater in Tbilisi located on the central avenue named after Shota Rustaveli. The building was built in 1847, the best architects and artists worked on its creation.

Today the theater is a cultural center of Georgia, and the productions are considered the best in the whole country. Despite the fact that the theater has suffered fires and restorations several times, its architecture amazes tourists from all over the world.

Study artistic works of art at the Niko Pirosmani Museum

Экспонаты в музее Нико Пиросманишвили

Nikolay Pirosmanishvili this is a famous Georgian self-taught artist who once painted amazing paintings in the style of primitivism in a room of only 6 square meters. The building is located at 29 Pirosmani Street

At the moment, this building houses not only his paintings, which are considered brilliant, but also the works of other artists. During the opening Pirosmanishvili Museum, in 1982, it contained 16 works by Niko Pirosmani, later the collection was supplemented with other paintings.

An incredible acquaintance with the culture of Georgia awaits at the Doll Museum

Тбилисский музей кукол имени Тинатин Туманишвили

Doll Museum it was opened in 1937 by the famous writer for children T. Tumanishvili, since then there are many exhibits exported from all over Georgia and other countries. Today everyone will be able to see an updated and full-fledged collection of unique and unusual dolls in the museum

Girls will be curious to look at the amazing costumes and refined facial features of porcelain beauties, and boys will especially like the warlike Indian chief and the pilot of the plane. Many of the museum's exhibits have their own names, for example, the jubilant Svetlana and the dancing Karine. The pride of the collection is a collection of dolls from 40 countries of the world.

Enjoy the healing air of the Caucasus Mountains and touch the protected nature in the Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Цветной лес в Ботаническом саду Тбилиси

An interesting walk through the botanical garden, located near the Narikala fortress, is mandatory for every tourist in Georgia. The territory of the garden is quite large, there are more than 3,000 plants of various types on it. At least a visit botanical garden in Tbilisi paid, the cost of the entrance ticket is fully justified by your impressions and emotions!

The incredible Turtle Lake will amaze you on the slope of Mtatsminda Mountain

Обзорный вид на Черепашье озеро и его окрестности

A unique natural object located on the northern slope of Mtatsminda Mountain attracts many vacationers, including Georgians. Most often, vacationers are engaged in sports games, explore the nearby forest, rent catamarans for a walk on the lake and have lunch in a cafe with a beautiful view of the lake. Get to Turtle Lake it is possible by cable car for a small fee.

Extreme and safe cable car will open the best views of Tbilisi

Канатная дорога тбилиси

Travel by cable car from rike Park to the Sololaki hill is an interesting entertainment, during which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Old Town and the embankment of the Kura River. It is worth clarifying that many tourists and locals want to take a ride on the cable car.

A funicular ride allows you not only to enjoy the unique landscapes of the cozy Georgian courtyards of Old Tbilisi, but also to get to the observation deck located at an altitude of 727 meters above sea level.

The cable car has been operating since 1905, it will be a really amazing trip to the highest point in the city!

Get cured in the mineral springs of the Sulfur baths of Abanotubani

Абанотубани старый Тбилиси

Abanotubani is the name of the sulfur baths in the Georgian way. Hot sulfur springs in Tbilisi they were found in the area of Grishashvili Street, after which sulfur baths were built there, which are a place of rest and relaxation for tourists. There you can relax both soul and body, using special massages and healing springs.

Gain strength before excursions by walking through Rike Park in Tbilisi

Дорожки, цветы в парке Рике

Rike City Public Park it is located on the left bank of the Kura River. A useful fact for tourists is that it is through the park that the road to the Tbilisi Botanical Garden and the Narikala Fortress passes through the cable car. The park is perfectly equipped for walks with children or elderly people, where you can relax and relax on cozy benches and benches.

The Bombora Family Amusement and Amusement Park welcomes guests all year round

Visiting an amusement park in Tbilisi this is an interesting pastime for tourists with their family, there is an opportunity to ride on the rides in summer, and in winter to ride on the ice rink. Entrance to the park is free, but rides on the rides are paid separately. There is a Funicular cafe on the territory of Bombora Park, where you can relax, have a delicious meal and enjoy a wonderful view of Tbilisi.

The modern architecture of Tbilisi is represented by the famous Bridge of Peace

Мост Мира Грузия

A modern pedestrian bridge connects the historical center of Tbilisi, the main tourist attractions and sleeping new areas, it is an amazing architectural structure that is depicted on many souvenir postcards. In the evening, the structure is beautifully illuminated by dozens of light bulbs, so visit the peace Bridge it is possible both at night and during the day. An interesting fact is that the light bulbs blink in such a way as to transmit elements of the periodic table in Morse code.

Explore the city from a bird's eye view on the Tbilisi Funicular

Гора Мтацминда - Mount Mtatsminda - фуникулер

It is best to take a ride on the funicular during a walk from the Old Town to the entertainment park on Mtatsminda Mountain. Every tourist will be able to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city and see the unique architectural buildings of the capital of Georgia. Having risen, be sure to visit St. David 's Church and the Necropolis.

Thus, the catalog provides you with 27 chic and interesting places, including museums, recreational parks and theaters. I wish you a successful holiday in the capital of Georgia! If you have already vacationed in Tbilisi and visited these sights, what impressions did you have after the trip? Perhaps you would like to add other objects to the list of top places in beautiful Tbilisi? Be sure to share it in the comments!



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