Cheap and high-quality taxi in Tbilisi: what services should a tourist use on vacation in Georgia?

The article provides up-to-date and reliable information about taxi services in Tbilisi and Batumi. What are the cheap taxis in Tbilisi available to tourists? Three main applications of taxi ordering in Batumi and Tbilisi: their pros and cons, main characteristics. Private taxis in Tbilisi and how to get from the airport to the city center by taxi.

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Despite the availability of public transport, a taxi is a convenient and comfortable way to get around the major cities of Georgia. Especially a taxi is indispensable for many tourists coming to rest in Tbilisi.

There are too many locals in the metro and buses, and if you are vacationing in Georgia with friends, a small company or family, then a taxi is an ideal option for you to travel around Tbilisi or Batumi. Moreover, a taxi ride will significantly save time on moving around the city, so you can see more amazing sightsГрузии. You will find out how and where to order a taxi in Tbilisi or Batumi at the best price below.

First of all, it is worth considering the disadvantages of taxis in Georgia

Firstly, the Georgian taxi starts working no earlier than 8.00 am, and on weekends and holidays from 10.00 am at all. Therefore, if you want to go to the other end of the city early in the morning, you should plan your trip in advance. Such an unexpected feature of taxis for tourists is connected with the mentality, as locals like to take a walk longer, relax and sleep. As a result, early morning trips, as a rule, are disrupted by many tourists counting on a taxi. This feature manifests itself as follows: in the application, you simply will not be able to find a free car for the route.

Secondly, pay attention in the application to the time of the end of the trip, especially if you have a trip on a tariff meter. Often many drivers forget to mark the end of the trip, so you can pay a little more than expected. However, if you have any comments, do not be afraid to contact the support service, which works well and efficiently, or call, write to the driver himself in the service application.

Thirdly, the car may not drive directly to the point specified in the application, but stand on the opposite side of the road. This is an amazing and often encountered moment when ordering a taxi. Moreover, after you got into the car, the driver can turn around to move along the route and drive up to the place where you were standing earlier.

Despite the above features of the services taxi in Georgia, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the service. Why is that? Tbilisi and Batumi have the most friendly and cheerful drivers who will definitely make your day a little better with their attitude and mood. Thus, the attitude of Georgian drivers to passengers and the low cost of the trip cover all possible disadvantages of taxis.

There are about 10 taxi services operating in Tbilisi today, among them local companies and international services, for example, Yandex-Go. At the same time, there are still private drivers, most often you can meet them near the airport, railway station or popular attractions of the city. You can order a taxi in Tbilisi or Batumi not only through an online service, an application, by phone, but also by hitchhiking.

What taxi services are there in Tbilisi and Batumi

A familiar and convenient Yandex-Go taxi

Yandex-Go is a popular international service that is widely distributed both in Tbilisi and in Batumi. You can only call a taxi using the app, so you need the Internet to order a car. In the tourist center of Tbilisi there is free wi-fi with the name “Tbilisi loves you”, you can use it to call a taxi. In other places where there is no free Internet, you should purchase a Georgian SIM card with mobile Internet to order a car.

The Yandex-Go application is simple and easy to use, you can immediately see the final cost of the trip, as well as the characteristics of the driver and the car provided. At the end of the route, the service provides an opportunity to evaluate the driver and the quality of the trip, for example, safety on the road. You can contact support if you don't like something, it works quickly and efficiently.

You can pay for a trip through this service both in cash and by bank card. If you want to use the second option, then you need to link the card to your account in advance and enter all the necessary data. There are no other special nuances of using the application, it is only important to correctly specify the starting point of departure and the final point of arrival.

On average, the car arrives 2-5 minutes after the order Yandex-Go taxi in attachment. The cost of taxi services in Tbilisi and Batumi is about the same, so a ride through the tourist center in Tbilisi will cost you 1-2 $ or 3-6 lari, and getting to the sea is a little more expensive - about 3 $.


The cheapest taxi Maxim

Taxi Maxim It is common in many cities of Georgia, including Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Poti and Rustavi. You can call the car through the Maxim service through an application that needs to be installed in advance, or by phone number. As mentioned above, the Internet is required to order a car through the application. If you order a car by phone number, then information about the driver, the car and the cost of the trip comes to you in a message on the phone. Moreover, the cost of a taxi ride does not change during the entire route, regardless of which path the driver chooses to the end point. Use the following number when calling a Maxim taxi in Tbilisi: +995 322 60 60 60 .

The cars of this service arrive quite quickly, you do not have to wait a long time for the selection of a suitable taxi. You can pay for the trip either by bank card or in cash. The bank card must be linked to your account in advance, specifying the card number and information about its owner.

To date, the cost of a trip through this service is practically no different from Yandex-Go. However, a few years ago, country trips through the Maxim service were more profitable for tourists, and when ordering a taxi in the city, many chose Yandex-Go because of the low price.

Желто-черный знак такси на крыше автомобиля ночью

Bolt taxi, popular in Georgia

Service Bolt taxi works in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. It is best to order a taxi through the app, because currently there is a special invitation code that you can use to get your first ride for free. Otherwise, the scheme of ordering a car is no different from the previous options.

The car of this service arrives quickly, the wait is no more than 5 minutes. Payment for the trip is accepted both by bank card and in cash. Most often, this taxi service is used by local residents. Among the features of this taxi, silent and cultured drivers can be distinguished. Bolt taxi fares are slightly lower than those of the international Yandex-Go service.

Батуми такси

Private cab services in Georgia

Most often, tourists face the problem of calling a taxi upon arrival in Georgia, that is, they need to find a car that will take them from the airport to the center of Tbilisi or Batumi. In this case, you can use the free Internet in the airport building, install the necessary application and call a car at the cost that suits you. In addition, you can always meet private taxi drivers at the airport who offer you their services. As a rule, they indicate an inflated cost in comparison with official applications, but you can try to bargain. On average, the cost of a private taxi ride from the airport to the center of Tbilisi is 25 lari, that is approximately $ 8-10.

If you do not want to use the application when ordering a car, but are striving to take a ride in a private taxi, then such cars can be found at the top sights of Tbilisi or at transport interchanges in the city. As a rule, private drivers charge about 7-10 lari for a trip around Tbilisi, but you can bargain and knock down up to 5 lari when traveling in the city center. In this case, you will have to pay in cash, however, you can not worry about the fact that there will be no change, oddly enough, Georgian drivers always have it.

It is worth clarifying that private Georgian drivers are more open to conversation, they can advise you to look at something during your vacation in Tbilisi. While drivers of official services, such as Yandex-Go, Bolt and Maxim, are restrained and unobtrusive, because they worry about their reputation and rating in the application. Many drivers in Tbilisi are respectful and respectful to passengers, and some even speak Russian.

Country trips in Georgia by car

If we talk about traveling in the vicinity of Tbilisi or Batumi, then I do not recommend renting a car, since a taxi arrives quickly enough and is not very expensive. However, if you plan to get to the wineries of Kakheti or get to the popular Martvili canyons, it is best to rent a car and drive to the sights of Georgia you need in a couple of hours. As a rule, tourists rent a car in Georgia for a vacation period calculated for at least one week.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you good and cheap taxi rides during your vacation in amazing Georgia! What was your experience of taxi rides in Tbilisi and Batumi? What taxi services did you use during holidays in Georgia and how do you remember them? Perhaps you know other cheap and affordable services for ordering a taxi in Georgia. Share with me your knowledge and impressions of taxi rides in the comments!

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  • alyokshket
    Спасибо авторам за то, что узнала много ценной информации! Я не знала, что в Грузии такси работают с 8:00, в праздники с 10:00. И хорошо, что автор советует проверять счетчик при оплате с карты в приложении (эта проблема быстро решается, стоит только связаться с службой поддержки в приложении). Также подробно описаны приложения для вызова такси, такие как Яндекс-Go, Bolt и Maxim (которое является самым дешевым сервисом вызова такси).
  • bikteeva94
    Мне кажется, услуги и выбор такси везде одинаков, если сравнивать с частными таксистами, особенно возле вокзалов! Всегда завышенные цены, а некоторые ездят без разрешения на такси и страховок! Что подвергают риску не только себя, но и пассажиров! Поэтому никогда не пользуюсь ими услугами. И тем более сейчас в приложениях можно самостоятельно заказать авто, выбрать его класс и т.д.
  • guralyukvladimir
    Если возникают сложности при вызове такси по утрам, значит получается, что ночью такси не работает. Очень странно. Обычно такси работает круглосуточно. Сейчас в Тбилиси действует около 10 сервисов такси, но самыми популярными являются Яндекс-Go, Maxim и Bolt. Тарифы поездки в такси Bolt чуть ниже, чем у международного сервиса Яндекс-Go. Для загородных поездок лучше воспользоваться такси Maxim. Если не получается вызвать по прилёту такси названных сервисов, можно воспользоваться услугами частного такси, однако стоимость в разы будет дороже.
  • fgfdrfg2012
    Можно отметить, что поездка на такси, вместо общественного транспорта значительно сэкономит вам время и обеспечит комфорт. Если вы все-таки выбрали удобство, то следующим шагом будет решить, каким сервисом вы будете пользоваться. Я думаю многие знакомы с Яндекс Go, Maxim и уверены в их надёжности, тогда можете выбрать данные сервисы. Также в Грузии популярно такси Bolt.
    Такси является самым популярным средством передвижения везде, и конечно же Грузия не исключение. Поэтому прежде, чем ехать туда нужно внимательно со всем ознакомиться. Мне понравилось, что автор смог разместить много нужной информации в своей статье. Так мы сразу можем осмотреть различные такси, оценить их, а также выбрать то такси, которое подойдёт именно вам.
  • Marina Smirnova
    Дешёвое и качественное такси? Оказывается так бывает в Грузии))) Спасибо автору за информацию! Для приезжих это очень актуально, ведь надо быстро перемещаться, чтобы успеть многое посмотреть и во многих местах побывать! Про Яндекс-Go знаю, это очень удобный и доступный сервис такси. Следует помнить, что стоимость услуг такси в компании будет ниже, чем у частников.
  • игорь игорев
    Конечно если сравнивать с ценами в нашей стране, то скажу что у нас такси несколько дешевле. В среднем минимальная цена на поездку, составляет где то 2$. Ну а самая дорогая это скорей всего в столице, от одного конца города до другого, то есть самое длинное расстояние где то 5$. Ну и по ночам как это обычно бывает, тариф выше чем в светлое время суток. Ну это конечно же я говорю про частных извозчиков. Если же вы обращайтесь в фирму то услуги естественно почти на половину дешевле.
    • bikteeva94
      Частники-таксисты уже реже встречаются в больших городах, так как все привыкли заказывать через приложения, где можно выбрать автомобиль, в зависимости от его класса, выбрать с детским автокреслом. Из этой статьи я узнала какие компании есть в Грузии, и как вообще устроена система такси в стране.